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13 Oct 2020

Rockstar acquires Halo and Crackdown developer to work on 'unspecified titles'

Rockstar acquires Halo and Crackdown developer to work on 'unspecified titles'

Rockstar has acquired the Scotland-based developer, Ruffian Games as it becomes 'Rockstar Dundee'.

You may not have heard of the Scotland-based game developer Ruffian Games, but the company has worked on some massive titles, such as Halo and Crackdown!

Despite being relatively quiet since their work on the Halo Master Chief Collection in 2014, it looks like the developers are about to make a re-emergence...

Rockstar Acquires Ruffian Games

If you haven't heard of Rockstar, firstly, where on earth have you been? But secondly, the game publishers are best known for their gargantuan Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption titles.

ruffian games halo master chief rockstar

REMASTER MAESTROS: Ruffian Games are known for their work remaking the Halo series

It's fair to say the company is a giant in the gaming world and now they're taking Ruffian Games under their wing!

As spotted, by the TheGamer, Ruffian Games has been rebranded to 'Rockstar Dundee' according to a Companies House listing.

Ruffian job hunt confirms the news!

Ruffian Games confirmed this news a few days ago as they took to Twitter in a bid to hire new talent to work on 'unspecified titles for Rockstar Games'.

ruffian games hiring tweet 1

RUFFIAN GAMES NEEDS YOU: The game developer are looking for help with their work on Rockstar's 'unspecified titles'

There is a lot of speculation around what these unspecified titles might be - however, with GTA V already confirmed for next-gen consoles, the most logical explanation is Ruffian Games could well be working on porting the popular title onto the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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