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PUBG Next Gen: Game is coming to next-gen consoles on day one with 60fps option

PUBG Corp. has announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be playable on both next-gen consoles on day one.

This means that on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S you can get stuck straight into your favourite BR.

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A CHALLENGER APPROACHES: PUBG is coming to next gen with a bang!

The company also confirmed that the game will feature a 60 fps option from day one, helping players get a competitive edge.

Let’s jump into what PUBG on next-gen means for players!

PUBG on Next Gen

Firstly, the developers have confirmed that you will keep your account in its entirety when moving to next-gen.

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WAR OF THE CONSOLES: Both Series X and PS5 will have a 60fps option

No need to purchase the game again or buy all those funky cosmetics.


Instead, you will keep your progress and all cosmetics when switching to the new consoles with no problems.

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60FPS Option

This is slightly different for Xbox and PlayStation fans.

Pubg Corp. has confirmed that the game will run at 60fps on PlayStation 5, by using the previous build of the game from the PS4 Pro.

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IMMERSION IS KEY: The game will run smoothly on next gen consoles

For Xbox users, the game will only run at 30 fps on the Xbox Series S, although an option to raise the framerate for the Series S is in the works.


Thankfully, much like the PS5, owners of the Xbox Series X can use the Framerate Priority option to enable the game at 60fps.

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The develops have said that the game runs exceptionally well on console thanks to the powerful hardware of next-gen, and there is no need to worry about significant frame drops anymore!