PSN Status Down: Are PS4 Servers Offline? - Updates, Latest News & more

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PlayStation's PSN network appears to be struggling this evening in what appears to be a series of issues.

Problems with the service first began at around 9.40pm this evening, and there's been a pretty significant spike in the number of reports for PSN on independent outage monitor DownDetector.

There's currently no word on what is causing the issues or when they will be fixed, but there's equally a growing number of people who are reporting issues.


The good news, if you see it that way, is that Sony PlayStation's own Network Service Status page is acknowledging the issues.

A message reads:

"You may experience somewhat slower or delayed game downloads because we're working with ISPs to manage download traffic," Sony says in a statement on its Service Status page.

"We believe it's important to do our part to address internet stability concerns as an unprecedented number of people are staying home and practicing social distancing.

"We appreciate the support and understanding from our community."

This is followed by confirmation of problems for 'Gaming and social' as well as 'PlayStation Video' with both sections described as "Some services are experiencing issues"

Sony has yet to comment on this most recent outage or what could be impacting the service, but according to the outage monitor, there's been close to 6000+ reports about PSN issues; so it's certainly not a small issue.


If you want to keep your eyes on the official channels for an update, you can head on over to PayStation EU's Twitter account where we tend to see comments on the situation first.

We'll keep you updated with news as we have it, and update this page as soon as Sony makes a comment or the service goes back online.

More to follow.

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