PS5: DualSense Controller Will Change Night City Forever: Specs, Cyberpunk 2077, Last Of Us Part 2 Delay & More

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The PS5's full specs have finally emerged after months of Sony leaving virtual breadcrumbs and leaks in its wake.

We know the PS5 is going to be extremely fast, but how exactly will the newly revealed DualSense controller impact the user experience?

Well, now that The Last of Us Part 2 has been delayed and Cyberpunk 2077 has been confirmed for next-gen, we've started to think about how FPS titles and RPGs will feel on the PS5, especially with the new controller.

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Continue reading as we discuss how the DualSense controller will be a game-changer for these titles.

Haptic feedback

The introduction of Haptic Feedback will add a variety of powerful sensations, so you'll feel more when playing the game.

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THE FUTURE: The DualSense will set itself apart from previous generations of controllers


It has been particularly difficult for PS5 devs to reinvent vibration, as it is something that we are so used to in 21st-century life.

But the hard work of the dev team will ensure truly immersive gaming experiences for years to come.

For example, exploring Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS5 will be a wholly different experience from playing something like GTA V on current-gen consoles.

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Different surfaces, of course, have different textures, and this will translate to the user experience through vibrations of varying frequency.

Even the simplest task of walking down the street and driving a car will be totally different from what gamers have experienced before, and we can't wait to get hands-on with it.

Adaptive Triggers

The adaptive triggers can play a small but vital role in the adaption of gameplay, as they will allow you to truly feel the tension of your actions.

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FIX UP: The iconic DualShock controller design has now been left in the past

Most RPG and FPS titles employ the R2 trigger as the shoot button, and this provides an opportunity for developers to create unique sensations for each and every weapon.


A machine-pistol would hardly pack the same punch as a bolt-action sniper when the trigger is pulled in real life - so why should it feel the same in a game?

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By being able to feel the tension in a gun's trigger, as well as the biting point where the trigger is activated, will have a profound impact on the user experience in first-person shooters and RPGs.

And it's not like the perks are limited to just firing weapons - driving will also be majorly impacted by this.

The end result of all of this is that players will be able to close their eyes and still be able to tell if they are driving on tarmac, concrete or sand.

Create Button

Finally, the share button has been given an upgrade and is now called the "Create Button".

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SHARING IS CARING: The 'Create' button is likely to feature a lot more creative options than the previous 'Share' button


While details are scarce at the moment, Sony has promised that it will once again pioneer the way players create epic gameplay and share it with the world.

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It would be ambitious to assume that the 'Create' button is very different from the 'Share' button, but it could indicate the ability to actually 'Create' and apply basic editing techniques to videos or photos.

Wouldn't it be great if we could splice, colour grade, and even add music to highlights and compilations directly from the console?

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