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20 Apr 2018

Premier League: The top 5 team goals of the 2017/18 season

(Photo credit: Brad Tutterow)

A team goal can often be hard to define, as essentially all goals scored by a team, are just that. But what separates these five goals from your ordinary run-of-the-mill strikes is the ingenious way they were created. 

This does not have to mean that each one of them ended in a spectacular overhead scissors kick after a rabona cross but that they had an element of magic about them. 

From the delicate interplay which involved all members of the team to the goals that defined a season. The intricate build up play to the immaculate clinical-ness of the finish, we have seen them all over the course of the season.

Now for the hard part, deciding the final five. Here are the top 5 team goals of the season.