Pokemon Sword and Shield: Best Pokemon To Counter First 3 Gym Leaders

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are finally here! Players are finally able to explore the Galar region and challenge all the gym leaders throughout the region in hopes of becoming champion. 

The first three gym leaders in the new game resemble the three main typings in the Pokemon series: water, fire, and grass. We'll take you through the best Pokemon to counter these leaders!

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Rookidee - Flying Type

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CHIEF - When they aren't carrying you around they pack a real kick

One of the very first Pokemon you encounter in the game is the standard normal/flying type Pokemon that they introduce in every title.

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Rookidee is fantastic versus the first gym leader Milo as it is a direct counter to his grass-type Pokemon. And the other type leaders do not directly counter Rookidee, so it is one to consider for sure.

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Yamper - Electric Type

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ELECTRIC - Your chemistry with Yamper will need to be sparky

The adorable electric type Pokemon can be found within Route 4 and 5 in the Galar Region and poses as a serious threat to some trainers you will have to encounter.

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Seen as a star in the second gym battle versus Nessa, Yamper is a solid candidate for your future team as when it evolves it can one of the strongest electric types.

Magikarp - Water Type

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SPLASH - The majestic yet somewhat useless Magikarp

This one should come as no surprise for anyone that has played a Pokemon game in the past, although Magikarp is one of the worst Pokemon by itself, waiting for its glorious evolution is all but worth it. 

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Upon entering the first section of the wild area, players are able to fish for Magikarp at any of the bodies of water and we can assume many players have already caught one!