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05 Jun 2018

Podcast: Who will win the World Cup? Germany? Brazil? Spain?

In the first of RealSport's World Cup podcasts, Football Editor Jon Mackenzie is joined by three other Kremlins in the Basement of RealSport HQ: Alastair Pusinelli, Oli Stein and Etienne Fermie.

Through the course of their discussion, they look at the World Cup tournament as a whole and discuss:

What they are most looking forward to about the World Cup (1:30)

Are there any issues with Russia as host nation? (3:34)

The controversial inclusion of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the tournament (7:17)

Who will win the tournament? (10:39)

Who will be the surprise packages? (20:02)

Who will be the teams who falter? (23:21)

Who will be the worst teams in the tournament? (26:02)

Who will win the Golden Boot? (26:58)

Who will win the Player of the Tournament? (30:06)

Who will be the surprise players? (32:30)