PlayStation Store Update will stop selling PS3 & PS Vita games online

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With the PS5 arriving in just a few weeks time, it looks to be spelling the end for some of PlayStation's earlier consoles.

The future of the PS3 as well as PS Vita is looking bleak courtesy of Next Gen.

End of the line


Very soon, you will not be able to purchase PS3, PS Vita and PSP games from the PlayStation Store if going in from a mobile or the web.

You can however, still make purchases if you head to the store through the console.

A new PS Store interface is being rolled out from Wednesday 21 to Monday 26, October, and on Wednesday, 28 October for mobile.

Once that launches, you can wave bye-bye to making purchases for the older consoles via computer mobile.

Not only that, but the PS4 is also affected, with apps, themes and avatars only going to be available through the console.

The PS Store's Wishlist feature is also disappearing - you can no longer "heart" games to add to your list.

Level Up or Move on?


The latest decision by Sony reaffirms the fact they are taking a completely different approach to Next Gen than Microsoft and Xbox.

Xbox is looking to make Next Gen as inclusive in possible, with no exclusives for Series X, a much cheaper, streamlined version of the console (Xbox Series S), as well as the pay monthly option of Xbox All Access.

PlayStation, on the other hand, is targeting the "elite" level of gaming, with big exclusives (e.g. God of War Ragnarok) and the only real difference between the two versions of the PS5 is the disc drive.

By alienating some of their older players with this PS Store adjustment, they could lose them to the Xbox brand when they move to Next Gen.

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