Philadelphia Flyers: Your Stanley Cup dream is over

(Photo credit: Pens Through My Lens)

The juggernaut Pittsburgh Penguins were given a run for their money in this high-scoring series against the Flyers. 

One thing Philadelphia managed to do in this series is prove firstly that Pittsburgh has questionable rubbish defense. But they also proved that the Penguins are a machine when attacking. 

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Pittsburgh managed 28 goals yet allowed only 13. Two shutouts as well prove that this team can defend, but often struggles to. It also proves that Matt Murray is an elite playoff goaltender. 


The series

Game one was an embarrassment for Flyers as they fell to a 7-0 defeat. Sidney Crosby had hockey fans salivating over his hat-trick and the manner of his performance. 

However, game two was a different story. The Flyers somehow won 5-1 and tie the series, giving them a huge advantage with their next two games being at Wells Fargo Center. 

Game three and four, though, were blowouts for Philly as they lost 10-1 overall and conceded five goals on both nights. 

Heading into a do or die situation in Pittsburgh the Flyers rallied to a 4-2 victory to give their fans hope that an unlikely comeback could be on.

Those hopes were squashed in game six by the excruciating score of 8-5. Jake Guentzel scored four goals as the Penguins proved that an injury to Evgeni Malkin would not stop them.

What next for Philadelphia?


While the Flyers made the playoffs, the team can be frustrated that their inconsistencies continue to halter their progress. This is a team capable of winning ten in a row and then losing ten in a row - not a recipe for successful hockey long-term. 

So the plan for the Flyers should be to get more consistency. Whether that means more veteran leadership or even a slight change in style remains to be seen, but this team can be great if they can sort out their rollercoaster seasons. 

But fans of the club can look at how they faced the dominant Penguins and took two games off them. That is progress for a side who missed the playoffs last season. 

What next for Pittsburgh?

Three-peat? It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Penguins win another Stanley Cup this season as they look a team possessed when attacking. 

Any side with Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Phil Kessel, Kris Letang and Matt Murray has a chance. The key is staying healthy. 

With Washington or Columbus waiting in round two, it seems highly likely that the Penguins make the Eastern Conference finals. 

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