Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest: 2017 Summer NA LCS Regional Qualifiers preview, prediction & live stream

The first round of the NA LCS Gauntlet begins with a Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest series on September 8th!

Despite a massive resurgence in the second half of the split, Dignitas’s playoffs showings had been underwhelming. When push came to shove, Altec and Adrian couldn’t best other top-tier bot lanes and Shrimp had a tough time making things happen on the other sides of the map. Still, Dignitas have an explosive playstyle and a ton of firepower, and they’ll definitely put these to good use in the Gauntlet.

FlyQuest find themselves in an opposite situation. Their performance during the regular split was mediocre to the point where they barely made the cut for the Regional Qualifiers. As long as they have a competent leader in Hai, they’ll always have that wildcard factor that once made them the fourth-best in the NA LCS. But Hai doesn’t have a strong lineup to work with, and that may very well spell the beginning of FlyQuest’s downfall.

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Match preview

Top lane matchup

When you look at the top lane, it almost seems unfair. On FlyQuest’s side, we have Balls—a slumping veteran with shaky mechanics and a 2.1 KDA and 7.9 CS per minute to his name.

Meanwhile, Dignitas are fielding Ssumday—a Korean import with an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of top lane and enough skill to overpower most opponents. With a 3.8 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, he will be sure to put FlyQuest’s top laner to a test.

Verdict: DIG Ssumday runs away with the W.

Jungle matchup

Things are a bit more balanced in the jungle. Sporting a 2.9 KDA and 4.2 CS per minute, DIG Shrimp is an aggressive player that always tries to bring the fight to the enemy jungle with his invades.

But FLY Moon is no pushover either. With a 2.3 KDA and 4.3 CS per minute, he’s the pillar of FlyQuest’s early game, and his creative pathing has put many veteran junglers on the back foot.

Verdict: FLY Moon outmaneuvers Shrimp in the jungle.

Mid lane matchup

If there is a weak link on Team Dignitas, it’s Keane. With a 4.0 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, he’s a decent mid laner, but he often struggles to stand up for himself in the laning phase.

Fortunately for him, Hai isn’t exactly a laning monster either. Holding a 2.3 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, FlyQuest’s mid laner specializes in roams and cross-map plays, which should relieve some pressure from Keane. Even so, we’d guess Hai is going to have a much larger impact than his opponent.

Verdict: FLY Hai edges out a win in the mid lane.

Bot lane matchup

Bot lane will be the game-changer. With a 4.6 KDA and 9.3 CS per minute, DIG Altec has been putting on a clinic with hypercarries, and Adrian (3.4 KDA) has been covering him with measured play and a wide range of supportive picks.

And while FlyQuest also have a solid AD carry in WildTurtle (2.6 KDA and 9.1 CS per minute), their support—LemonNation—has been nothing but underwhelming this split. With a 2.3 KDA, he’s going to have a hard time protecting his marksman against Dignitas’ power duo.

Verdict: DIG’s Altec and Adrian outclass the enemy bot lane.


On the surface, it might seem that FlyQuest have things to work with. But the advantages they have aren’t strong enough to break open the game, and Dignitas completely overshadow them in the side lanes. Unless Moon can find clutch ganks for five consecutive games and Hai can work his shot calling magic, Team Dignitas is going to take this series with a confident 3-1 victory!

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