Ghost Recon Breakpoint: All details on the new PvP mode

The Ubisoft title was on full display at Gamescom 2019 along with a new game type.

Photo via Ubisoft 

In the days leading up to Gamescom 2019, we are all excited to see more information about the newest Ghost Recon installment. Although Ghost Recon Breakpoint may have been overshadowed by some other titles at E3 2019, there is no doubt Ubisoft’s newest release could be one of the best games of the year.

The only mode displayed at E3 2019 was the multiplayer; which has become a staple of the Ghost Recon series. Before Gamescom 2019 kicked off Xbox officially teased us with what we assumed would be the new PvP action, and many fans were highly anticipating the upcoming reveal. 

So, with Gamescom well underway and with Ubisoft already showcasing the new PvP mode. What did we learn from Gamescom about the newest Ghost Recon title? Let’s explore! 

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Revamped Class System

Photo via Ubisoft 

One of the notable announcements showcased during the PvP trailer was the notion of four unique classes coming to Breakpoint. Assault, Sharpshooter, Panther, and Medic will all be available during the full release for players to try their hand at. From what we can tell the classes offer unique play styles are can be described as down below:

  • Assault – Specializes in direct combat, perhaps the most generic class out of the four. 
  • Panther – Used to flank your enemy and get the upper hand on them. 
  • Sharpshooter – A master in long-range attacks.
  • Medic – Team healer.

Along with these unique classes, they also have different abilities that players can try out during their PvP gameplay. Also, each class has specific weapons and gear when you first dive into your multiplayer experience but with any title, you will unlock more gear as your progress. 

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Some of the unique class-specific abilities that were unveiled to us are Assault’s True Grit ability gives the player a boost in health and stamina making them like a super-soldier for a limited time. Sharpshooter’s Armor Buster which is similar to Fortnite’s heavy sniper but this time around it is a three burst shot that can decimate anything it touches. 

Sharpshooter also has access to motion tracker device they can throw. Last but not least, Panther has Cloak and Run which is essentially a smoke grenade that the player can see through at all times and the further ability to be concealed from nearby drones. 

Along with the unique class-specific abilities, there are also character-specific weapons that players can only use for certain classes. Sharpshooter, for example, is the only class that can use a sniper rifle in the early stages but as you progress in levels it changes. When you reach a higher level in the multiplayer you then unlock more and more weapons that can be used for each class, so you are not held down to one specific class. 

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Carry Over Progression System 

Photo via Ubisoft 

Unlike most multiplayer and single-player games, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to offer a unique feature that may end up being one of the best we have seen.

As you progress in either multiplayer or the main campaign you will be able to simultaneously carry over all of your gear between the two modes. They also note that whatever you unlock in multiplayer you can then bring it over to the main story and vice versa. A cool new feature Ubisoft is trying there hand at, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Official Gameplay

With an official look at the PvP action at Gamescom, players can now get a full look at Ghost Recon before they decide to pre-order the title ahead of the September 5 beta release date.

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Gamescom 2019 is where we get another look at Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Read more about Gamescom here.

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