Top three roster moves that should happen

While these are not all realistic, these changes would improve some teams that are on the verge of becoming contenders.

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CS:GO has seen a flurry of roster moves over the recent months with many teams changing multiple players aiming to dethrone Astralis from their current reign on top of the world. Some teams have made questionable roster moves that on paper look underwhelming and some have yet to pull the trigger on a roster move that would propel their team to the next level.

Each proposed roster move, will be judged on a player for player trade off and critiquing on if each move will satisfy both parties, as well contracts and buyouts and neglected here as it would be too hard to justify what each players is and unknown to the public.

As always, each of these roster moves is my opinion so discuss down in the comments below what you think keen roster moves would be!

  1. 3 FaZe: -olofmeister +valde

    Yes, I know replacing one of the greatest players of all time is wild to think of at first but hear me out. First, looking at olofmeister's role in FaZe he is set up to the support player to the likes of NiKo, rain and GuardiaN which is a role that olof was never keen too as we witnessed in the old Fnatic days his star power and his carry potential. Now he has had to take a step back to adapt to this super team, and we have seen glimpses of the latter he has truly never captivated us like before. Yes, legend of the game and one of the all-time greats is just a few words to sum up olofs career until this point, but for FaZe Clan results have not been what fans have expected and many have pointed to him and IGL Karrigan as the problems. 

    Looking at what FaZe need exactly, you need someone willing to sacrifice themselves in order for the others to succeed, FaZe is lacking a setup man for the slam dunks of NiKo and GuardiaN, and valde would fit this mold perfectly. Valde in his time with North since late summer of 2017 has quickly evolved into one of CS:GO's most cerebral players we have today, his awareness is unheard of the way he maneuvers around the map suddenly knowing where his opponents will be is a treat to watch. In North, valde is classified as a support player to an extent but it goes deeper than that, with North's roster fielding star power from the likes of kjaerbye and mertz, who have been both underwhelming since the upheaval of North earlier this year. In this rebuilding process for North valde has emerged as a star in his own class, monumental in Norths resurgence at both Dreamhack Tours and the Masters bolstering MVP level 1.25 and 1.21 ratings

    Valde replacing olofmeister one for one is interesting when you look at valdes play style and his in game awareness, it is clear he is the superior supportive style player. Adding valde to this FaZe roster would add another reliable fragger on the server as well a player who is more the capable of setting up his star team mates. Although olofmeister is one of the all-time greats, all good things have to an end and valde is the real deal and would propel this roster to new heights.


  2. 2 Fnatic: -JW -GOLDEN -Xizt +twist +Brollan +hampus

    We move from removing one legend of the game to another in the form of JW. This would not be the first Fnatic/Godsent swap we have seen, although the latter was a failed experiment, this one can rejuvenate an under-performing Fnatic who is being carried by Krimz at the moment. We can analyze each this three for three trade was one-offs as each of the roles fit perfectly. 

    Starting with the aforementioned, JW for twist swap. This is quite the peculiar one as both awpers have experienced a turbulent 2018 so far, bolstering similar ratings and impact ratings these two can be seen as mirror images of each other.  Twist has a well-known reputation for rejecting previous top-tier team offers to continue playing with his friends and lacking motivation.  As of late, twist has rediscovered his motivation in Godsent, the revamped Swedish team has been on the rise as of late, and twist has been one of the key players in this revelation. Replacing JW is no easy task, the wonder child has seen streaky form for what seems like the course of over a year, with a Fnatic roster looking dire as of late this may be the chance to finally prove that old rumors mean little now with the addition of the explosive awper.

    The next player swap would see the prodigy Swede Brollan, come in and replace Golden, who has now taken over the entry fragger role since LeKr0's removal. Brollan has been hailed as a potential world-class talent since his breakthrough into the scene during GAMERZ Season 1. His raw aim at such a young age (15) has been amazing to witness so far. Golden the new entry fragger in Fnatic, was forced to step down from the captain helm in favor to Xizt, Golden has never been known as a high impact fragger, and especially one capable of entrying. Brollan has already played with the core of Fnatic at WESG Europe Finals when he was chosen to replace Krimz due to personal reasons, already comfortable in the squad and not known as a toxic or hostile teammate it is time to speed his development and showcase his talent against the top teams in the world with his addition to Fnatic. 

    Finally, the last player swap and perhaps the most pivotal one is the swap of IGL's: hampus for Xizt. The latter was just added to Fnatic upon his brief stint in FaZe, he shined a new light to his game, filling into olofmeister's roles he displayed that even as an experienced veteran IGL can still frag with the best. Now back in Fnatic he is yet again the captain, with the reputation of shaky vetoes and lackluster calls it is a mystery to yet what is to make of this move. Hampus's time on Godsent throughout 2018 has been a sky ride upwards for the Swede, although Godsent's tactics have not been touted as a high caliber, mostly the biggest difference is his ability to frag. His style to lean towards a loser style to give players such as twist, Brollan more freedom, allowing them to let loose and hunt for their own. Hampus, can add a new dynamic to Fnatic, a relatively unknown IGL can bring new tactics and unleash the firepower on this new formed Swedish roster.


  3. 1 Cloud 9: -Skadoodle +Nifty +Stewie2K

    Cloud9 have seen a metric fall from grace since their miraculous run at the Boston Eleague Major this January past, with disappointing results becoming the norm again for the former North American giants, things have been looking dire for them. After the recent benching of FNS, tarik has once again been given the helm to muster some decent placings. The additions of Nifty and most notably the re-addition of Stewie2K can rejuvenate this roster, allowing more players to let loose throughout the roster.

    Skadoodle is essentially the doodle that needs to be erased, his time has come and gone for Cloud9.  Playing a "supportive" style of awper warrants concerns immediately, being so static and setting up your teammates more all while wielding the most expensive gun in competitive play is mind-boggling. Rarely you will see Skadoodle take over a game with his aggressive peeks or his non-care play style. Instead, you see him post up in sites and often lack the ability to hit crucial shots making him even more of a liability. Adding Nifty the IGL/awper of Renegades will add a new dynamic to the roster, he is wildly inconsistent in his form and it can vary from going off or to being absent there can be an upside to it. Nifty handles two of the most vital roles in all of CS while being responsible for his teams strats and managing all of his teammates he also has to place himself accordingly around the map to pick off opponents. With tarik now under the captain role, relinquishing this off of Nifty's shoulders should free him up, known as a twitchy aggressive awper he can flourish under tariks looser style of calling and be vital to Cloud9's future success.

    The readdition of Stewie2K is interesting at first glance, amid his departure to SK Gaming, Stewie has looked out of place in the Brazilian squad. With communications being solely in English now results have been disappointing and not up to par to their expectations. Bringing Stewie2K back to Cloud9 will strengthen the fragging void that FNS left onto the team, a nasty double awp setup can also be in play with the quintessential addition of Nifty. It would be a bittersweet reunion for the North American, but we have seen before that risks need to be taken to become the best. This new look Cloud9 stretches firepower from top to bottom and with all roles lining up we will wait and see if someone pulls the trigger on this move.

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