Modern Warfare 2019 Global Reveal WATCH: Reveal Date, How to Watch, Weapons, Perks, gameplay and much more

Another look at the new Call of Duty should hopefully bring us more details before it's release.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is landing on October 25th – but fans won’t need to wait that long to get a good look at it.

That’s because a reveal is taking place on TODAY – and it promises to shed light on everything.

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When is the reveal? How do I watch it?

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Global Multiplayer Reveal is set to kick off on August 1st, with Activision posting an official announcement tweet the reveal has already garnered substantial attention.

The video tweet which highlighted some key aspects of the game we might see which we cover below has over 22,000 likes and has close to a million views already.

The global reveal is set to kick off at 1:00 pm PDT, 4:00 pm EST or 9:00 pm BST and can be watched at Call of Duty’s official Twitch account –

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What are they going to showcase? New Weapons? New Perks?

Photo via Activision 

There has been immense speculation into what exactly we are going to get during this reveal, fans have been pleading for more weapons to be announced as well as just how the combat will work in Modern Warfare.

During an initial reveal earlier in July, we got a glimpse at a new mode called "Gunfight". Which is Call of Duty's take on a 2V2 mode which will be first featured in this year's upcoming game, and it has been stated already that it will work very different to the regular multiplayer playlist. 

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Like the previous Call of Duty multiplayer reveals, they will most likely showcase the actual point of view of a player playing multiplayer much like if you or me were playing a match. What is different from these trailers to actual gameplay is they tend to slow the gameplay down to showcase some key aspects of some features coming this year.

So we can expect to get a close-up camera angle of certain weapons and throwables that are going to be featured in the game as well we will more than likely get some view of the different characters we will be able to play in multiplayer. 

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Now, Activision may opt to showcase the same weapons they made players use during their Gunfight reveal or they may introduce one or two new ones we don't know for sure yet. 

It is also unclear if they will show off how some of the perks are going to work in this year's game as there has been little to no information regarding this key aspect of the title so it may be kept a mystery until the official release. 

Will there be a Beta? 

Photo via Activision

The short answer is; we don't know yet but all signs are pointing towards one. During the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer reveal the ending of this trailer gave everyone the option to preorder the game in order to get access to the beta at a further date. So, we can suspect there will be something along the lines of that during this reveal but again we will not know until the trailer is revealed.

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What was that Gunsmith showed in their tweet? 

During the official tweet video showcasing when and where the global reveal will be, they alluded to a new unique feature being implemented in Modern Warfare 2019. Titled "Gunsmith" it is a new customisation mechanic that will allow players to fully customise their weapon and add what style of attachments they want to each weapon.

Unlike the previous Call of Duty titles where there is just one stock attachment you can equip, and it looks the same on any weapon, it seems Activision is fully embracing this new-found love for creative innovation in 2019. 

There seem to be heaps of choices for player's to fully deck out their weapons whatever ways they want to come October and hopefully we get a better glance of what is it come next week. 

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The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 global multiplayer reveal is surely going to be jammed packed full of new information for fans to get excited about so be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all details when the trailer drops!

Gamescom 2019 is fast approaching and we may hear more about Modern Warfare 2019. Read more about Gamescom here.

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