CWL PLQ: Top 3 underdogs

With the CWL Pro League Qualifiers set to kick off, we look at the top underdogs that have a case in making the League.

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When the CWL announced its newly revised schedule for the upcoming B04 season, fans and players noticed that placing T32 at CWL Las Vegas this December past would book your spot in the only qualifier for the official Pro League. With this rework of the system compared to last years there is not a relegation system anymore, instead, the 12 teams qualifying from these play-ins will join: Optic Gaming, Splyce, Luminosity and eUnited, with no other shot for the outsiders.

This is essentially a do or die situation for many of these teams, with the favorites such as Team Sween, Reciprocity and Red Reserve just to name a few. We ranked the best teams who could upset these “favorites” and book their ticket to the CWL Pro League for the season.

  1. 1 FaZe Clan Black


    • Paul "Tisch" Tischler
    • Thomas "GRVTY" Malin
    • Timothy "Phantomz" Landis
    • Obaid "Asim" Asim
    • Tanner "Mosh" Clark

    CWL Las Vegas Placing: T24 <- *Lost in Championship Bracket Losers Round 1 to Mindfreak*

    FaZe Clan Black is commonly referred to as “FaZe’s B team." On first glance, this is a fair assessment to make but after watching Tisch and co since their formation this season there is more than meets the eyes. Upon the pickup of relatively unknown players “Asim” and “Mosh” people were very skeptical as many fans knew of Tisch, GRVTY and Phantomz per their run at CWL Anaheim on Conquest Esports where they almost pulled off the impossible and narrowly lost to Optic Gaming in groups.

    The term “online warrior” is used to justify a team or players online success even though online results mean nothing in the long scheme of things in esports, FaZe Clan Black have warranted this misused label. They most recently were victorious in the MLG 2K this past week (albeit with most top teams taking part in the CMG Pro Down) they have shown flashes of brilliance and resilience in these matches.

    Player to Watch: 

    Paul "Tisch" TischlerPhoto Credit: Codgamepedia

    Often not noted to be the standout player in this squad, Tisch has been one who has rallied the troops in the hardest of times and keeps everyone composed.  Before CWL Las Vegas kicked off, weinterviewedTisch where he talks about how the meta plays into their wheelhouse and how there is potential for them to become a top 8 team.

    With the firepower of Asim and Mosh and the reliability of Tisch, Phantomz and GRVTY, the CWL PLQ could be their time to shine and justify FaZe Clan's move to sign this squad.

    We’ve been getting good practice in lately, we have been working out all the small kinks and our game play and we are very confident that we’ll make it into the pro league next week. Our schedule isn’t too bad, just have to take it one game at a time and play our game and we will make it out no problem.    - Tisch on how he feels going into next week

  2. 2 Enigma6


    • Jordan "General" General
    • Steven "Diabolic" Rivero
    • Matthew "KiSMET" Tinsley
    • Kade "Kade" Jones
    • Bradley "Frosty" Bergstorm

    CWL Las Vegas Placing: T32 <- *Lost in Open Bracket Losers Round 7 to Team Divine*


    E6 experienced a lackluster performance at CWL Las Vegas, failing to make it out of open bracket where on paper they looked poised too they evidently came up short by falling to Excelerate and Team Divine both in a 0-2 fashion. 

    Barley scraping into the PLQ as one of the bottom seeds could be a blessing in disguise for General and co, being placed in "the group of death" in group A has them pitted against some heavy favorites such as Reciprocity and Team Sween,  however with more time to adjust as a team this could be their opening night where we see the true potential this team showed before Vegas.

    Player to Watch:

    Bradley "Frosty" Bergstorm

    Photo Credit: Codgamepedia

    Frosty announced his switch from competitive Halo to B04 on September 28th which had many Halo fans in disarray but for fans who did not know who he initially was. A quick Google search would quickly inform you he has consistently been the best Halo player over the last few years, with natural gun skill off the charts. 

    With many Halo fans and experts saying he could be the best Halo pro to switch to COD is not an astronomical comment to make, and now with the rust off after CWL Las Vegas, Frosty could come in and power this E6 team to the Pro League and make a dominate statement to the scene. 

  3. 3 TeddyRecKs' Team


    • Michael "Apox" Williams
    • Vlad "Ramby" Sanchez
    • Tanner "Super" Bowen
    • Alex "Zaptius" Bonilla
    • Ted "TeddyRecKs" Kim

    CWL Las Vegas Placing: T20 <- *Lost in Championship Bracket Losers round 2 to G2 Esports.

    TeddyRecKs has been a prominent figure in the COD SND scene and the streaming community for quite some time now although the majority of this roster compiled the Lethal Gaming roster which secured a T24 placing at Champs last season they were one of the open bracket favorites going into CWL Las Vegas. 

    Noted as an SND heavy team, they shocked many but upsetting a rather disappointing Envyus in groups in convincing fashion. They showed flashes of life but ultimately; they seemed unequipped to duke it out consistently with other top teams. Although this is my 3rd team out of Group A to be under this underdog category, it's just the luck of the draw but there is a point to be made for at least 1/3 of these teams to qualify.

    Player to Watch: TeddyRecKs

    The focal point surrounding this team Teddy has been preforming well so far into the season, we are all aware of his SND skills and his ability to seemingly open any round by a quick push or a sneaky back door cut. 

    This does not take away from the fact that Teddy has not been a lack luster in respawn, just his past week in the CMG Pro Down, Teddy and co 50 point clubbed 100T to send them packing. Albeit this is online performances it is just a small testimony to the potential these guys could have on LAN and Teddy will be the main driving force behind a possible Pro League Qualification. 

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