Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta: Weekend 2 Changes, Xbox One, Release, 32v32, Open, Vehicles, Cross play & more

With weekend one finished, what can we expect going into the Open Beta on Friday 20th?

Weekend two of the Modern Warfare Beta here, but what differences will there be compared to weekend one?

Will Infinity Ward have taken on board feedback from its community and fans; potentially including it in the next wave of the Beta?

RealSport takes the plunge into what’s to come for all PS4, Xbox and PC from September 20th.

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Open Beta

Being a COD fan must be tough when you play on either Xbox or PC knowing that all its content will be delayed either a week or month compared to the Playstation.

However, not to worry, if you have pre-ordered the game on Xbox and PC, early access will be granted to you on Thursday September 19th to Friday 20th at 6pm BST.

This will be open to:

  • Xbox and PC pre-orders
  • ALL Playstation players

If you are waiting to play before pre-ordering the game, then you are in luck! 

The Open Beta is accessible to all players on PlayStation, Xbox One, or PC, regardless of pre-ordered status.

  • If you’ve got an Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold is required to play
  • If you have a PC, a account is required to play

The Open Beta was originally set out to be live on Saturday 21st. However, Infinity Ward tweeted out that it now starts on Friday 20th.

Cross Play

For the first time ever in Call of Duty, players will be able to face off against each other or team up across PS4, Xbox One, and PC!

It's finally time to settle the debate on who is better... PS4, Xbox or PC. Let us know who you think will win the battle!

To be able to Cross Play with your mates on any of the platforms available, make sure that you are friends via your Activision account; this will allow you to join up on eachother. If you do not have an Activision account you can sign up here.

Players can choose to enable crossplay, allowing players to play with friends on all three supported platforms, so you can choose to either Opt in or Opt out.

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Ground War

Infinity Ward has announced that along with the Open Beta being released this weekend, a new game mode will be available to play also.

Ground War

However, this isn't the ordinary Ground War as seen on previous Call of Duty titles... No, this is 32v32 a 64 man game. Wow. This will be interesting.

The 64 player game is only playable on one announced map so far called Karst River Quarry, although this will probably change with the launch of the full game on 25 October.

Vehicles will be available in this version of Ground War, which in Call of Duty is almost unheard of. It is a throwback to World at War, where Tanks could be driven in certain maps and modes.

Let us know if you are excited about this weekend of the Beta coming Thursday the 19th for Pre-orders and Playstation players and Friday the 20th everyone.

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