NRL: Sad Monday

Picture credit: Revital

It’s the biggest day on the calendar for Rugby League’s mainstream media. Mad Monday.

They crack out the extra powerful telescopic camera lenses, the camouflage clothing and set their sanctimonious attitudes to dangerous levels.


This year the Daily Telegraph, surprise, surprise, hid out in bushes and took photographs of a private Mad Monday function by the Bulldogs club. What happened inside was players gallivanting about nude. Why? Who cares. It’s a private function.

The Tele then decided to run with this situation, posting a full-size image of one nude player (with a silhouette of a leaf in the image to show the image was taken hiding amongst plants), while posting a snippet pretending to be concerned that some members of the public may have seen it.

Well, they have now!

Exacerbating the situation

Instead of it being seen by possibly a few dozen people, the Tele has been excessively worse by making the image accessible to thousands upon thousands of people, including children.

Talk about moronic.

The players get one day a year to let their hair down and the gutless cowards in the media hide in the bushes to get what they know will be images of bad behaviour, so that they can go and run stories about some cultural issue within the sport.


This is the same media who complain that players are becoming like robots and have no personality.

This is the same media who complains that players and clubs don’t give them enough access.

This is the same media who think hiding in bushes with cameras like sick perverts, waiting to snap a picture of something bad (never good), that this will somehow endear them to players and clubs.

A history of creating drama

A few years ago the Bulldogs chose to have a private function at Belmore Sports Ground. They even locked the gates so no-one could get in. The media then sent a helicopter over to see what was going on. They then sent a female reporter down to poke them with a stick. They then ran with a story about how nasty the Dogs players were for biting back after being poked.

This lurid, disgusting, gutless, lowlife antics by the media to pursue a bad story in Rugby League is becoming a tiresome and pathetic joke.

The perspective of the Daily Telegraph towards Rugby League is abundantly clear here. They hate Rugby League and their full focus is on defecating upon the game as frequently as possible. 

Do the media create a storm in a tea cup when it comes to things like Mad Monday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.