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NHL 19 Hockey Ultimate Team: Best Bronze Players

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Most people quick sell their bronze cards, but these low-rated players certainly hold some power in the Hockey Ultimate Team game mode. As the synergies provide such huge boosts, it can be well worth dotting some bronze player cards through your lines, or as all of the bottom line players, because they bring three synergy points apiece. 

These are the most usable bronze players in NHL 19’s HUT, all of which deliver many synergy points to your team.

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Brock Sottile (61 OVR)

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Team: Prince Albert RaidersLeague: WHLRole: Left Wing GrinderHeight: 180cmWeight: 82kgShoots: LeftBest Stats: Acceleration 77, Agility 77, Speed 77, Durability 75Synergies: BR, NP, FM

At 61 overall with many high-rating attributes – for a bronze card – Brock Sottile comes in as one of the best bronze players on HUT 19. His slap shot power of 73 and wrist shot power of 72 make him a potentially dangerous player to have on the puck, but given his slap shot accuracy of 52 and wrist shot accuracy of 53, you’ll want to get Sottile up close before pulling the trigger. 


Nicholas Robertson (61 OVR)

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Team: Peterborough PetesLeague: OHLRole: Playmaker CenterHeight: 170cmWeight: 65kgShoots: RightBest Stats: Acceleration 82, Agility 82, Speed 82, Durability 75Synergies: PP, S, BM

Nicholas Robertson is one of the fastest bronze players that you can get in Hockey Ultimate Team. His 82 acceleration, 82 agility, and 82 speed mean that he can skate past many NHL defenseman, but with 55s in both shooting accuracies, you may want to use his 57 passing instead of having a pop at the goal. 


Robert Kousal (61 OVR)

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Team: Brynas IFLeague: SHLRole: Two-Way CenterHeight: 183cmWeight: 90kgShoots: LeftBest Stats: Speed 76, Acceleration 74, Agility 74, Balance 68, Faceoffs 68Synergies: PP, S, BR

Robert Kousal may not look like much with an overall rating of 61, but his 68 faceoffs and 52 poise make him one of the most useful bronze centers to have in your lines. Lofty speedster values don't buff his attributes, so he’s a more balanced player to have if you need his synergies. 


Lukas Zejdl (60 OVR)

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Team: Mlada Boleslav BKLeague: Czech ExtraligaRole: Two-Way Right WingHeight: 193cmWeight: 100kgShoots: LeftBest Stats: Balance 69, Agility 68, Acceleration 67, Speed 67Synergies: PP, BM, T

Newly anointed Mlada Boleslav alternate captain Lukas Zejdl is a real unit on the ice just because of his natural size. His 57 in body checking, 57 in strength, and 56 in shot blocking may not appear to be very useful, but his size enhances those skills. The real perk of having Zejdl is that he’s the best bronze player for wrist shot accuracy (60), and wrist shot power (59). 


Pavel Kantor (61 OVR)

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Team: HC LitvinovLeague: Czech ExtraligaRole: Hybrid GoaltenderHeight: 185cmWeight: 70kgShoots: LeftBest Stats: Durability 68, Endurance 67, Vision 67, Poise 65Synergies: T, BU, BR

If you pick-up Pavel Kantor, or any other bronze goaltender for that matter, they’re likely just going to be used as your backup goalie. Just in case you need one for more than their synergy contribution, Kantor is the best bronze netminder going. 

Other top bronze players on NHL 19 HUT

Name Overall Synergies League Role Value
Bastian Eckl61HT, NP, CSQMJHLTwo-Way Right WingTop Forward
Layne Toder61BM, S, BRWHLLeft-Sided Defensive DefensemanTop Defenseman
Jesper Boqvist61BE, BU, BMSHLTwo-Way CenterTop Forward
Felix-Antoine Drolet61HT, S, FMQMJHLLeft-Sided Defensive DefensemanTop Defenseman
Hugo Savinsky61BM, NP, BRQMJHLRight-Sided Offensive DefensemanTop Defenseman
Axel Simic61PP, NP, FMNLLeft Wing SniperHigh Speed Attributes
Xavier Parent61TB, NP, FMQMJHLCenter SniperHigh Speed Attributes
Michal Dragoun61TB, BU, BRELHTwo-Way Left WingHigh Deking Attributes
Antonin Honejsek61DZ, NP, BEELHTwo-Way Left WingHigh Deking Attributes
Viktor Ostlund61BR, TB, TAllsvenskanHybrid GoaltenderTop Goaltender
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