New World Summer Medleyfaire Update: Skills, Expeditions, Loot & More

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Amazon Games' massive open-world MMO has just released its July update as New World Summer Medleyfaire is set to bring a lot of changes to the game to keep players entertained.

Here are all of the changes being brought with the update.


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New Trade Skill: Musical Instruments

New World Summer Medleyfaire introduced a musical instruments trade skill

The biggest change being brought in via the New World Summer Medleyfaire update is the brand new bardic trade skill of musical instruments. There are a total of five instruments to pick up and learn with 31 songs to collect and master either solo or as a group. The instruments included are:

  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Upright Bass
  • Drums
  • Azoth Flute

You unlock songs by salvaging pages hidden across the world and complete the New World Summer Medleyfaire quests to earn a starter set of pages and instruments.


The buffs that players unlock while levelling up this trade skills are:

  • Decidedly Dexterous: Gathering speed increases by 75% for 30-90min.
  • Territorial Triumph: Territory standing bonus increases by 10%-30% for 30-90min.
  • All Together Now: Group character XP sharing bonus increases by 4%-15% for 30-90min.
  • Song in your Step: Reduces player encumbrance by 200-1,000 for 30-90min.
  • Fortune’s Favor: Gathering yield increases by 3%-10% for 30-90min.
  • Luck’s Labor: Gathering luck increases by 2% - 5% for 30-90min.

Admiral Blackpowder Arrives

New World Summer Medleyfaire introduces Admiral Blackpowder quests.

New World Summer Medleyfaire introduces a brand new foe as Admiral Blackpowder has arrived via the new Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition.

This brand new expedition will be introduced a week after the update fully launches and will then be mutated two weeks after its release.


The New World Summer Medleyfaire update also brings with it a lot of changes to expeditions overall, with enhancements and rebalancing to make them a more accessible part of the game.

Three new mutations have been added:

  • Icebound: Icebound features mutations that deal Ice damage, apply slow, and spawn glacial crystals with area effects.
  • Oppressive: Enemies gain powerful abilities like mana drains and zones of silence, which prevent ability usage for a short period of time.
  • Frenzied: This variant applies Curses to players that dodge. Curses stack up and deal damage over time. When Frenzied reaches 3 stacks, it detonates. This explosion deals additional damage to the player and leaves an elemental damage area of effect.
New World Summer Medleyfaire Expedition enhancements

An Expedition group finder is finally being added in via the New World Summer Medleyfaire update, letting solo players have an easier time when it comes to completing these challenging quests. It is unclear when this will finally release but it will be a massive benefit to the game once it does.

Tuning Orbs are also no more, now being replaced with daily and weekly limits for runs to make them more accessible to players. You can now run 15 Expeditions a day per player and 25 mutated runs per week. For those that have orbs already, they are being replaced with loot caches for their appropriate dungeons, including possible boss drops.

Finally, with Expeditions now being changed to be more accessible, the loot has been fully rebalanced, with a total of 50% of coin generated from Expedition bosses and have instead spread it out to coin drops from Elite Chests and Corrupted Breaches completion bonuses to help compensate for the reduction. Twice a day, players can now loot elite chests in the open world or complete minor or major Corrupted Breaches to earn a bag of coins.


A new resource known as materia has also been introduced to make expedition loot less random. Materia can be used to craft your desired drop from an expedition instead. This resource is earned by salvaging named items earned from expeditions.