NBA Live 21 Trailer, Release Date, Gameplay, new features, graphics & more

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All signs point towards the NBA Live franchise returning this year.

EA's basketball title did not release NBA Live 20 having been beat in submission by rival NBA 2K.

The Live team announced that they would not be releasing NBA Live 20, citing they "are excited by our progress, but remain ambitious".

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Let's hope the next game throws them firmly back into the fold.



The Trailer will be the first look, and likely first news, of any new NBA Live game.

We are unsure of the exact details surrounding the game but as it will be an EA release, an announcement would likely come at the 2020 E3 Expo, which will be held in Los Angeles between June 9th and June 11th.

Should an expected release be announced, we can expect a trailer for the game to drop in the opening days of July and with EA having a year to get the game back to where they want it – expect fireworks.


Release date

With the trailer set to drop this June, it may contain the release date for the upcoming game.

EA sports game releases tend to arrive between August and October, with NBA Live 19 arriving on August 24 back in 2018.

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That said, with new consoles arriving "Holiday 2020", EA could hold fire and aim to release the new game alongside them.

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That could mean NBA Live 21 appears exclusively on next-gen, and would arrive this November.


Don't expect to see any sort of gameplay until the trailer, BUT some screenshots from NBA Live 20 did surface during 2019.

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With these fantastic visuals the platform, if EA delivers on NBA Live 21, get ready for a game that can compete with NBA 2K21 from the off.

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