Miyazaki Claims Next From Software Game is in "Final Stages of Development"

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After Elden Ring took over the world of gaming upon its release in early 2022, fans of developer From Software have been eagerly awaiting to hear about what could possibly be next from their favourite developer.

Well according to a recent interview between From Software's Hidetaka Miyazaki and Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, the wait might not be as long as many people are thinking.

Here is everything of note from that interview.

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Unannounced From Software Project in Final Stages of Development.

From Software Elden Ring Site of Grace
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According to gaming news account Nibellion, who posted some translated points of interest from the interview on Twitter, Miyazaki claims that a currently unannounced From Software project is in the final stages of its development.

This game appears to be the long-announced 3rd game of the "3.5 games" that From Software had been working on since 2016 according to another interview with 4Gamer that Miyazaki had back in 2018.


According to Miyazaki 0.5 is the PSVR title Déraciné, 1.0 is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and the remaining 2.0 are unannounced titles. We now know that one of those titles was 2022's Elden Ring which leaves the remaining game, presumably the one now approaching the end of its development.

Little else was said about the project in the interview but Miyazaki did mention that he was interested in working on something that he described as "more abstract fantasy" than other From Software titles and has come up with many ideas that don't quite fit their current games. It is unclear if this relates to that unannounced project or not.

This interview also confirmed that Elden Ring would be receiving more updates and that From Software is working on improving the compensation and treatment of its employees, including a pay rise for younger staff.