25 Sep 2020 5:23 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel's Avengers: Superhero Comics now released!

Avengers is gradually becoming one of the most anticipated games of 2020, with the brand new gameplay trailer featuring footage from co-op missions.

In anticipation of the upcoming Avengers video game, Marvel has announced a collection of prequel comics.

These comics tell the story of the superhero dream team before the events in the game. 

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The first comic: Iron Man

The first comic, Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man, is out and available to buy.

The comic's store page gives an insight into what the story will cover as it's already been confirmed that the video game won't fit into Marvel's Cinematic Universe. 

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In the comic's timeline, The Avengers take on the shenanigans of the Lethal Legion.

This is a group of villains who have made appearances throughout the Avenger's comic series, formed by a different leader upon each return. 

It was first announced back in 2017 and we finally got to see what Square Enix and developers Crystal Dynamics had been working on at E3 2019 — a 3rd-person action-adventure with RPG elements. 


Since its announcement, we've written an “everything you need to know Marvel's Avengers” piece, as well as an article focusing on the game’s newest playable hero, Ms Marvel.

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Marvel has plans to release a whole host of new comics in the future, with the other heroes all starring in their own comics. 

These start with Thor #1 releasing January 8 and Hulk #1 releasing February 5, while Captain America and Black Widow will get their comics in March. 

Marvel's Avengers: Iron Man #1 is available to buy on Marvel's online store for $3.99. 

Marvel's Avengers the game will release on PC May 15, 2020, landing on PC, Stadia, Xbox One and PS4.

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