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02 Feb 2018

Manchester United: Where should Paul Pogba play?

Manchester United: Where should Paul Pogba play?

After being hauled off after 60 minutes against Spurs, questions about the Frenchman's best position have been raised again.

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(Photo credit: Ardfern)

Another week, another hot take on Paul Pogba.

With all eyes on him for the clash between Spurs and Manchester United at Wembley on Wednesday, this was finally a chance to see how the Frenchman performed against a top six side.

Of course, Pogba had been involved in the Battle of the Emirates which saw David De Gea as the last man standing for Manchester United. But on that occasion, the midfielder's appearance was marred by a late sending off.

During the game itself, questions had been raised about Pogba's ability to inhabit a double pivot alongside Nemanja Matic. Win Manchester United might have done on that day but they certainly didn't limit Arsenal's chances.

Much to the consternation of many of the Manchester United fans, Jose Mourinho decided to revisit the Pogba in a Midfield Two Experiment and the results were equally problematic. This time, though, the result didn't favour the Portuguese.

Pogba, it must be said, has an impressive creativity which is fundamental to most good things that Manchester United do at the moment. The problem is that there is a lack of consistency there which seems to be tied inexorably to Pogba's position on the pitch.

The question is: where should Pogba be played for Manchester United to make the most of him?