Manchester United: 5 players who could replace Carrick as captain

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(Photo credit: Andrea Sartorati)

From Bill Foulkes to Sir Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson to Roy Keane, Manchester United’s roster of iconic captains has left an indelible mark on the club’s rich history.

Required to be a natural leader on the pitch and an ambassador for the club at all other times, the captaincy can be as heavy-a-burden as it is a privilege to receive. 

Less than a year ago it was Ander Herrera who many fans wanted and believed would be José Mourinho’s next choice for club captain. Instead, the baton passed from Wayne Rooney to Michael Carrick 

As the 2017/18 draws to a close, the baton is once again ready to be handed on. With Herrera now little more than an afterthought for selection, let alone becoming the player to lead the club next season, we take a look at who the early candidates are to carry the team forward into the club’s next chapter.