17 Nov 2020 11:22 AM +00:00

Halo MCC Update: Now live! Known bugs, graphical options, Reach, PC, Xbox Series X & more

Halo has been a cornerstone franchise for Microsoft for nearly two decades now.

The launch of the Xbox Series X & S without a Halo game was unthinkable for fans at the start of 2020, but the consoles are now out and Halo Infinite is still some way from release.

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Still, the epic Master Chief Collection, which holds six games from the Halo series has seen a big upgrade for next-gen. Which is now available to all.


Master Chief Collection upgrade

The update is not a small one, coming in at 41.5 GB, but with it comes a range of enhancements.

The big one is obviously 120 fps support, but for the first time there is a customisable field of view (FOV) option.

These should make the game far slicker, especially on a quality 4K TV.

The Halo Master Chief Collection has been a go-to for fans for years
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The FOV options allow variation from 70 to 120 degrees, although with the option only available when locked to a 60Hz refresh rate.

There is also a new "enhanced" graphics settings taken from the PC version, while four-player local split-screen now supports 60 fps too.


MCC Update bugs

Microsoft has warned of some bugs and known issues with the update, so expect a hotfix to land at some point.

Let's take a look at them...

  • When playing Halo: Combat Evolved's campaign with Anniversary graphics enabled on an Xbox Series X console and at 4K 120Hz, the framerate may drop noticeably in some areas and/or create noticeable screen tearing
    • If the display supports variable refresh rate (VRR), enabling this feature may reduce the impact of this issue
    • If the display does not support VRR, playing at 60Hz will provide a smoother gameplay experience
  • On both Xbox Series X|S consoles, increasing the Gamma option above 5 may result in oversaturation of darker areas in the menus and gameplay

Halo MCC Season 4

Season 4: Reclaimer sees the addition of the Champions Bundle weapon skins for Halo 4, along with additional skins for Halo 3. That includes new vehicle skins.

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New nameplates have been added, mostly themed like Halo 4. There are five tiers of ten unlocks each to explore.