GTA 6 announcement date possibly teased in Diamond Heist update

It is difficult to remember a game that is more anticipated than Grand Theft Auto 6.

Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting any news about the launch of the next Grand Theft Auto game.

But a small group think they have discovered a potential announcement date for GTA 6, hiding in the GTA Online after the Diamond Heist update. 

Reddit user u/TheFirmWare posted their theory on December 14, which utilizes another fan’s theory about a bizarre design choice from Rockstar

The reddit leak

A photo taken in the entry to the Diamond Casino previously gained a lot of traction on Reddit, and users have started to speculate potential reasons behind the splitting up the word ‘Service’.

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"Diamond 510" and "Vice" are clearly written on the walls


This meant the word ‘Vice’ was more obvious, which many fans linked to Vice City, one of the speculated locations for GTA 6. 

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The post reads:

“On the left side of the wall we can see DIAMOND written on top, and 510 on the bottom.”

“If we put the bottom portions together we get "510 VICE"

And while 510 could be related to anything, the conspiracy theorist inside wants me to point out that 510 can be interpreted as 5/10, or October 5th.

More evidence

The user backs their argument with an analysis of the release dates of previous Rockstar Games - all of which launched at some point in the final quarter of their respective years.

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That makes a 5/10/2020 release date neither unreasonable nor outlandish.

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The reddit post is concluded by stating that this theory is just speculative, so we would advise taking all of the information with a pinch of salt.

However, Rockstar are known for intentionally trolling fans, so it would not be completely far-fetched to suggest that it was planted to be deliberately misleading.

Whether it was planned as a red herring or not, it has gamers around the world brimming with anticipation for some news on GTA 6’s release date.

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