Floyd Mayweather in MMA? The Circus Continues

(Photo Credit: Beckham pz10)

Going back to our childhoods, many of us can remember our first trip to the circus. We witnessed a bevy of talented performers, displaying odd talents that many of us cannot perform while we stare in wide-eyed disbelief. Bears riding bicycles, trapeze artists performing death defying stunts, clowns rolling out of cars in numbers that defy logic, are some of the many acts that were on display for our minds to process. When it was over, we were always entertained, but the amazement of what we saw subsided by the time we arrived back to our domiciles and the cotton candy sugar high had worn off. 

The Mayweather-McGregor saga is beginning to take on this feel. Two performers, both capable of doing things that us average humans cannot, are putting these talents on display in acts that entertain us for short periods of time, but fail to captivate the audience with something that will stick with us for a lifetime. The only lasting impact these two will have to the general public will be at the end of the month when your cable bill arrives. You are hit with the inevitable, "why did I spend my money on that?" feeling you got when the final curtain closed on the watered down "magic" you got from Barnum and Baileys. With Floyd Mayweather announcing last week that he is training his MMA chops, we once again gear up for another round in the red and white striped tent that is this crossover exhibition.