FF7/FF8 Remastered: Square Enix set to re-release physical version, release date, price & more

The Studio behind one of the longest game franchises in history has announced yet another remaster in a recent tweet.

With Final Fantasy VII and VIII set to be re-released in December of this year, fans of the franchise should prepare their wallets!

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Let’s take a look at some in-depth detail about the two games, and their release on both consoles (again)!


The FFVII and FFVIII Remastered

After 23 years, a physical version of the games will once again be available for purchase.

With physical versions of the game often containing a digital download code, it remains to be seen whether players will receive a disc/game card or another code.

FFVII Remake: A remake of Final Fantasy VII released earlier this year
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FFVII Remake: A remake of Final Fantasy VII released earlier this year

It is also important to note that the Switch dual-pack comes with the original version of FF7 and a remaster of FF8 only.

As such, those looking to buy the game should not be confused by believing they will receive two remasters.


PS 4 or Switch?

Both consoles will soon receive their own versions of FFVIII Remastered, as a physical release.

However, it is only on Switch that those who purchase the game will also receive FFVII.

FFVII and FFVIII twin pack
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2 FOR 1: Switch will receive a dual-pack of the Remaster bundled with FFVII

Given the release of the game is 23 years in the past, we are sure you’ve had the time to play them both by now.

Despite this, if it’s the opportunity to play FFVII that excites you, then we advise grabbing the Switch dual-pack.


Release date and price

The Nintendo Switch will receive the dual-pack on 4 December in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

The game will be £34.99.

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For those on PS4, FFVIII Remastered will also release on December 4 in Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand for £17.99.