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17 Nov 2020

Elder Scrolls 6: Microsoft claim Bethesda titles won't be exclusive, also on PS5

Microsoft recently pulled off a ridiculous acquisition as they purchased Bethesda Games.

With the purchase made over summer, fears arose from Sony and Nintendo fans about their beloved consoles.

Thankfully, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart has confirmed that there is no need to worry.

Let's take a look at this latest Bethesda Games development now!

Bethesda Games for Xbox

The CFO for Microsoft stated that they will be applying a "first or better" approach.

doom eternal
BETHESDA: The studio makes a host of AAA titles

This means that Bethesda titles will instead come with an element of exclusivity, early access, or similar.

If there isn't any exclusivity, then DLC or the game itself will have a slightly better experience for players on Xbox.

It is also likely that Game Pass will use these Bethesda title in order to try and drive an increase in subscribers to the service.

It remains to be seen how this will play out, but we're sure there will be good reason to buy these games on Xbox.

Bethesda Games on Sony/Nintendo

The CFO also stressed that the games would not be pulled from other consoles.

ELDER SCROLLS 6: The game will likely be on Xbox first

Your favourite titles, such as Elder Scrolls 6 (which will release... Eventually) will still be available on other systems.

However, expect to wait longer to play these titles.

Whilst the games will still be available, it is likely that Xbox will receive an enhanced version, or get the game early.

However, Phil Spencer, Xbox chief, has also said that games will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

FALLOUT: All Bethesda titles will have an element of Xbox exclusivity

As such, it remains to be seen how this new Bethesda deal will work out.