Dying Light 2: WATCH Original Story Mode Live Stream

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The ongoing success of the original Dying Light game has influenced Techland into returning with a sequel to the epic game.

However, it turns out you won’t be playing Dying Light 2 anytime soon, but fans will now have a great opportunity to revisit the original gem this weekend.

With the recent Dying Light 2 delay, the developers Techland have decided to throw a big party, celebrating the fifth birthday of the original Dying Light game.

Continue below for all the details we have on how to get free access this weekend.

Free weekend

Techland has a few events lined up for the Dying Light community to join.

Dying Light’s first ever free weekend is live on Steam until 6 pm on 23 February.

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The game is also on sale at prices up to 67% off, bringing the price down to nearly £10.

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OTTOMAN-ESQUE: The sequel is set in the city of Harran, the same city that featured in the original game

The 5th Anniversary Bundle is also available now on all platforms, and it includes:

The game, the Harran Ranger Bundle DLC, plus an exclusive outfit and buggy paint job.

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This version also comes with upgraded blueprints for a new pipe, new sledgehammer, and a new double-barrelled shotgun.

New difficulty mode

As part of a free update to Dying Light, Techland has also added a new difficulty mode designed for gamers that just want to experience the story, with no fear of getting downed.

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EERIE: Concept art courtesy of Techland shows us a decaying theme park

Story Mode reduces zombie damage, fall damage and boosts the damage that players deal.

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The developer also has more events coming between now and March, along with some community rewards and weapons.

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