Destiny 2 Beyond Light Trailer: Story Reveal! Eramis & more

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Destiny 2 often flies under the radar but remains one of our favourites here at the realsport HQ.

With the story reveal trailer for Beyond Light dropping yesterday, our excitement is going into overdrive!

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But what exactly is the reveal trailer showing? And when does Beyond Light launch for the masses?

Let’s jump into all we know about the expansion so far right now!

Story Reveal

The trailer places its focus on the Fallen, and even more closely on Eramis, our main protagonist in Beyond Light, and takes place in Europa.

She has sold her followers to the Darkness, persuading them that they have been bound by chains for too long.

Not only this, she has been able to harness the power of Stasis for her and her lieutenants.


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However, never fear, as Guardians too will gain the ability to use Stasis.

From the trailer, it seems that Variks fears for his people and so asks the Guardians to intervene and save them.

We are unsure if he will be a friend or a foe, but OG Destiny players will remember him as an NPC from Destiny 1.

Notable Game Changes

Many observant Destiny 2 players have noted that the Guardian speaks to their Ghost in the trailer, something which the player’s character rarely does.

dying light stasis
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FLY HIGH: The trailer shows that Stasis has now been mastered

It also seems the Exo Stranger is making a return, as we see her behind Variks when making a distress call.

A number of worlds are being removed from the game, Titan, Mars, Io, Mercury, and the Leviathan Ship.

To replace them we will have Europa and Earth’s Cosmodrome.

Release date & price

Dying Light will launch on November 10 for Stadia, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will receive their versions of the game on December 8.

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According to the PS Store, the pre-order is starting at £34.99 for a standard edition.

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