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29 Oct 2020

Days Gone 1.70: 25GB Update, PS5 Launch, and Game Boost & more!

The zombie-fuelled PlayStation 4 title will be coming to PS5 via backwards compatibility.

With such a large update so late into the game’s lifecycle, it would appear that this is to make use of the PS5’s hardware.

ZOMBIES, AND LOTS OF 'EM: The game pits you against entire hoards of the undead

The game is fun enough as it is, but with 60FPS and smoother gameplay, couple with shorter loading times, the game would be going straight on to our next-gen console.

Let’s take a look at the patch and the PS5’s Game Boost feature now!

1.70 Patch

The game has received a number of updates already.

Initial patches fixed launch bugs and since then numerous stability and performance updates have been released.

days gone spring sale
ONE MAN ARMY: The game is a true survival of the fittest

This patch seems to be no different, with the only major factor being it is huge, at 25GB!

The patch notes don’t suggest much other than stability improvements and preparation for the PS5’s release.

PS5 Game Boost Prep

The size of the update seems to suggest that the game is getting ready for the next-gen console’s launch.

A number of other PlayStation exclusives have received larger updates recently, including The Last of Us and God of War.

NOT ALONE: Other PS exclusives are also receiving huge updates, such as God of War

This is likely the update needed to optimise the game in order to take advantage of the advanced hardware on the PS5.

This Game Boost feature will allow backwards compatible games to run at a higher and more stable framerate.

Reports also suggest it will reduce loading times, which is an awesome new feature, especially for RPG and story games!