David Tennant to make Doctor Who return in 2021 game

A staple of any British childhood, Doctor Who has a legion of fans around the world now.

The sci-fi series will be making another adventure into the gaming world with not one but two titles due for release next year.

The Edge of Reality

Building on last year's title "The Edge of Time", Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is coming to console and PC.

Players will be guided by current Doctor Jodie Whittaker, and David Tennant is set to make an appearance too.

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A lot of classic villains will feature, including Cybermen, Daleks, and the terrifying Weeping Angels.



This won't be a VR game like the previous one. However, the story is continued from the first and sees The Doctor attempting to save reality from time-breaking glitches.


The Lonely Assassins

This Doctor Who game will be a mobile one and focus on the Weeping Angels.

Based around the episode 'Blink', the game will task players with unravelling a mystery.

The Lonely Assassins will release in 2021. It should be available on iOS and Android as well as Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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