Chelsea player tops RealSport’s Worst Signing of the Season list

As the season comes to a close, we look at the five worst Premier League transfers from the current season.

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(Photo credit: Reuters/Tony O’Brien)

“The impact on the broader economy and financial markets… seems likely to be contained.”

Ben Bernanke had every reason to be confident. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve, gilded by a lifetime of experience in economics and government, was easy to trust. In his opinion, the subprime mortgage crisis posed no immediate threat to the economy.

Twelve months later, the world was on its knees, broiling under the biggest recession since the 1930s. Bernanke’s confidence was genuine but misplaced.

Every year, football managers perform a similar ritual. New signings are extolled and risks underplayed. Coaches know, however, that myriad factors can upset their investment. What if he can’t settle? What if he can’t adapt to the league?

Risks are taken, but not all of them pay off. With that in mind, here are RealSport’s top five worst signings of the season.