Chelsea: Five replacements for Antonio Conte

With the Chelsea manager on his way out, here are five potential replacements to take the reins at Stamford Bridge.

by Jon Mackenzie

(Photo credit: Nazionale Calcio)

Two seasons, two Italian managers, two Premier League titles, two meteoric falls from grace.

With Antonio Conte looking set to follow in the footsteps of his compatriot – and also former Chelsea manager – Claudio Ranieri, it is hard to see where the Premier League champions go from here.

There is clearly something of a more endemic issue behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge which has seen a litany of manager arrive and then leave, many of whom have been pushed by the playing staff.

Antonio Conte is no different. In the space of the year, he has gone from winning the Premier League in some style to fighting for a top-four place.

Of course, much of this may be his own doing: the marked absences in his current team as the David Luis and Diego Costa-shaped holes yawn ominously to anyone who looks at them too closely.

But the Chelsea board of management are also worth shouldering some of the blame, having turned Chelsea’s midfield from a purring engine into something resembling the midfield of a claggy midtable outfit.

Still, it will all be over soon. Conte looks set to be heading off – probably to the more favourable climes of Italy – if not before, in the summer itself.

The question is: who will replace him? 


Jon Mackenzie