Arsenal: 5 Candidates for Player of the Year

The Gunners have disappointed once again this season, but a few players have shone. The question is, who deserves to be named Player of the Year?

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(Photo Credit: Brian Minkoff)

The reaction to Arsenal’s Europa League draw was telling. After being paired with Atletico Madrid, supporters of the club flooded social media with fatalistic takes and gnashing despair. Now that they were facing a half-decent side, it seemed, an exit in the semi-final seemed inevitable.

Gunners fans specialise in misery. Their club is the sad clown of the Premier League, a running joke where an elite team used to be. Even in the competition from which their last hope of silverware emanates, they’ve been dreadful. Two ruinous defeats against Östersund and CSKA Moscow would have generated outrage had supporters not grown so used to the grinding mediocrity of the past decade. 

Picking a player of the season from this sorry bunch is no easy task. Thankfully, we at RealSport have held our noses and done it so you don’t have to.