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05 Apr 2018

Arsenal: 4 players who need to impress in the Europa League

(Photo credit: Singha94)

Frustration and anger at Arsenal has quickly turned to apathy. There is a sense that many supporters are going through the motions, waiting for a moment of significant change, for the end of an era that seems increasingly like it might never happen.

That feeling has been heightened by Arsenal's Premier League campaign. They are sixth and likely to stay there. Finishing in the top four is now impossible and the season, at least domestically, appears to have been written off.

The Europa League, then, is all that remains. For Arsene Wenger and a number of his players, the competition represents a final chance, an opportunity to turn fans' disillusionment into enthusiasm, however briefly.

And, given the lack of focus on the remaining Premier League games, it could be that some Arsenal players are judged on their performances in the latter stages of the Europa League.

Here are four players who need to impress in the competition.