Alan Jones: Old man yells at cloud

Long-time 2GB radio talking head Alan Jones has not taken his axing from the Immortals voting panel well.

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Picture credit: Eva Rinaldi

There’s an old enduring meme from The Simpsons that sits well with people in my age bracket who grew up through the 90s and 00s with the long-running cartoon sensation. 

The image shows a newspaper clipping of Abraham Simpson, the patriarch of the Simpson clan yelling and passionately shaking his fist at clouds in the sky below the headline ‘Old Man Yells at Cloud.’

The image has become iconic and is often used when someone from the older generation shows an indignant amount of anger over something and seems to fit 2Gb radio star Alan Jones perfectly if his Twitter response to be sacked as a voter on the next Immortals is anything to go by.

Naming the next Immortals

Jones, who has a number of seedy and sordid alleged events tucked away in his past was reportedly told through his assistant that he would not be required when the panel met to vote on the next two players to be brought into the famous class of Immortals.