5 things Real Madrid must do to reach the Champions League quarterfinals

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(Photo credit: Camilo Rueda López)

As the final whistle blew on Wednesday’s encounter between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, 80,000 people could finally pause for breath. 

Along with the millions watching at home, they had just borne witness to a frantic ninety minutes, with two of the most glamorous sides in Europe taking turns to choke and wobble.


Real ran out 3-1 winners, but such was the frenetic nature of this game that Paris Saint Germain could easily have won by the same scoreline. 

The visitors looked impressive throughout, casting aside any memories of their famous collapse against Barcelona last year by taking the game to Zinedine Zidane’s under fire Merengues

Despite the result, Real’s progress (and by extension, their manager’s job) are nowhere near safe. If they are to advance to the next round, here are five things they must do.