NBA 2K19: Best MyTeam playbooks

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Source: NBA 2K19

No matter what players you pick, what skills you run, or how strong of a player you are individually, having a solid playbook is essential to running an effective offense. Knowing what plays to run at the proper time, and training for those exact moments, are all part of building the strongest, winning team. In NBA 2K19, you are given the option of picking from a wide range of playbooks. Every NBA team’s playbook is available, so it is up to you to decide which one is the best fit.

Each playbook is different, but also tend to have some similarities. Picking the perfect playbook for your team can be quite difficult, as it may mean running into the same playbook as another opponent. This in turn will make it easy for them to read your plays as well. We have a list compiled of the top playbooks for you to choose, which will give you the most optimal chances of winning.

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Table of Contents

God Tier Playbooks




These two playbooks are the most unique. Both contain a number of plays that no other playbook has, meaning opponents are less likely to be prepared for the play you are running. Depending on how you tend to play, these can be your greatest weapon, as no other playbooks allow for their kind of variation. Making proper use of the decent spread of plays, from pick and rolls to post ups, will be essential to keeping the defense on their toes.

Pro Tier Playbooks








These playbooks have more than your average amount of plays in them, but do not have any stand out plays that can be used to take advantage of your opponent. Instead, they have a decent amount of variation to always be used, so mix and match to your heart’s content. Making sure to push the tempo and keep switching it up when you notice that the other team may have figured out your strategy is important, as you have to keep them guessing.

Mediocre Playbooks

Hawks & Rockets

Grizzlies & Raptors


Clippers & Pistons

Cavaliers & Pacers

Bulls & Nuggets

If all the others don’t suit your taste, these are your last resort. These playbooks all have similar or identical playbooks found with other teams, but have maybe 1 or 2 surprise jumpers. Although they are not incredibly strong or unique, they’re at least better than the rest of the playbooks available in the bottom tiers. The key to using these is to stick with your own style. More often than not, you’ll end up going up against your own plays. As such, hone your skills, so that the battle of skill does not become luck.

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Defensive Plays

Within NBA 2k19, there are no specific Defensive playbooks. Instead, each team will run the same standard defensive schemes. Players do have some control over defense by choosing matchup assignments to key in on certain opposing players. For the most part, players will be using man-to-man defense, but can switch to zones or press defenses as the situation calls for. It doesn't hurt to change often for various stretches of play, just to throw the offense off with different looks. Remember, variety is key.