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Will NBA Live be making a Next Gen debut this year?

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The basketball gaming world has been pretty one-sided for the last couple of years.

An NBA Live hiatus has meant that 2K Sports' NBA 2K franchise has had zero competition in recent times, but could that all be set to change.

Will we see NBA Live return in the near future?

NBA Live Return

If we're looking towards a potential NBA Live return, then NBA Live 22 is the earliest we can hope to see it.

Going off past releases, we could expect to see an NBA Live release is early September, but whether EA is working on remains to be seen.

With the exception of a tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, we haven't seen anything posted to the NBA Live socials since a statement announcing that NBA Live 20 would not be released back in October 2019.

But it's not all bad news, that statement did touch upon the "super ambitious" progress made by EA on their basketball title, so it would seem strange for them to throw all the hard work in the bin and abandon yet another year of NBA gaming.

Can Live rival 2K

The tussle between NBA Live and NBA 2K has been an intriguing one, but one that the latter has taken control of in recent years.

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ON TOP - NBA 2K21 has been a huge success

That's not to say things can't change though.

EA Sports has produced some of the biggest and best sports titles over the years - including their iconic FIFA franchise - and with months of planning under their belt, we could be set to see the best NBA game of all time from EA.

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