NBA Live 19: Trophy Guide and List

NBA Live 19 trophies reward you for your achievements within the game. With our list you will be able to attain them all.

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Accumulating all the trophies available to you on NBA Live 19 is a pretty hefty task, but we can help to make it easier for you. It might take a while, but using the guide below, at least you’ll know exactly what you’ve got to do to unlock them all.

These vary significantly in simplicity. For example, The Journey Begins is a trophy which you’ll unlock simply by creating a player. Others will take you hours upon hours of hard work, such as the Superhero, which requires you to complete three Icon progression paths. The ultimate reward is The Hero, the final trophy in the game. The only way to earn this trophy is to unlock all the other trophies – once you get this one, you know you’ve reached NBA Live royalty.

NBA Live 19 separates these trophies into different categories; bronze, silver, and gold, as well as the final trophy – the Hero – which stands alone. Wev’e done the same in our list below to help you understand which trophies you’ll be unlocking relatively early on in your career, and which will take you a little longer, we’ve separated the list into four smaller lists. 


Bronze Trophies


How to earn it

Stacking Crates to the Ceiling

Complete a Crate Collection

Call the Doctor

Pull off an ankle breaker in a game

The Journey Begins

Create a player

Beginning to Understand

Complete any Objective within The One

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork Play and win any Co-Op LIVE Event
Shooter’s Touch Successfully complete every shot type within a game
Streetballer Complete all the key games at your first Venue in World Tour
Take ‘Em Down Complete an entire series of games in ANY live event
Getting the Ring Win the NBA Finals in The League within The One
Kidding Around Perform every type of pass in the game
Climbing the Ranks Win an online head-to-head game
Joining the Elite Win the MVP Award in The League within The One
Alley By Myself Perform a self-alley oop
CLUTCH Make a game winning shot with green release

These are, in general, the easiest trophies in the game to unlock. Many of them barely require you to break a sweat – create a player, for example, doesn’t actually ask you to perform any skill whatsoever. Many of the others are fairly straightforward actions which you’ll likely be able to pull off relatively quickly without even intending to.

Some, however, will take a fair bit of time and effort. Getting the Ring, for example, can take a fairly long time, and Joining the Elite just as long, if not longer. Others, such as Alley By Myself, might need some specific attention. It’s unlikely that you’ll naturally pull this off within a game, so to unlock this trophy you might need to head into a game with the goal of doing so. 

Silver Trophies

Trophy How to earn it
World Domination Complete all the key games at every Venue in World Tour
We Run the Court Win a Live Run Pick-Up Game
Local Legend Complete all games and all objectives at any Venue in World Tour
Golden Equip three gold traits
Hero’s Journey Complete any Icon’s progression path
Defense Matters Complete 3 bumps to pickup over the course of a game
Best Team in the League Win the NBA Finals in Franchise
Career Day Reach Legend Status in Career
Commander in Chief Reach Legend Status in Court Battle Hype
100 Miles and (Live) Running Reach Legend Status in Live Run Hype
Getting Things Done Complete GM List 1 in Ultimate Team

Most of these will take a little – and many of them a lot – more work than the Bronze Trophies outlined above. Some of them will still come naturally as you play the game, such as completing all the key games at your first Venue in World Tour, or winning any Co-Op LIVE Event. Like with some of the Bronze Trophies though, there are others that you’ll need to set out specifically to achieve. It’s unlikely that you’ll attain Shooter’s Touch without setting out to complete every shot type within a game, for example, though it’s well and truly achievable if you work on trying to earn it. 

Once you begin to unlock these trophies, you’re well on the way. Many of them aren’t easy and take a fair bit of time-investment – reaching legend status in all three of Career Hype, Court Battle Hype and Live Run Hype won’t happen overnight. If you can unlock them all, you’ve progressed through a fairly large chunk of the game – though once you check out the Gold Trophies below, you’ll realize you still have a fair way to go.


Gold Trophies

Trophy How to earn it
Executive of the Year Complete GM List 2 in Ultimate Team
Golden Equip 3 Gold Traits
Triple Double, Hold the Points Obtain a Triple Double with any combination of rebounds, assists, steals and blocks
Superhero Complete any 3 Icon progression paths
No Buckets Allowed Hold an opposing team scoreless for 4 minutes

These trophies are reserved for the real top of the crop. Superhero is going to take you months upon months, if not years, of fairly regular playing to get through, while some of the in-game ones require you to either be extremely good at the game, or very lucky. No Buckets Allowed might sound like something relatively attainable if you really lock down on defense, but the reality of holding a team scoreless for four minutes is a lot more difficult than the theory. Unlocking even one of these trophies is an achievement unto itself, and if you can get them all – well, you might just be in line for the trophy below.

The Hero Trophy

Action How to earn it
The Hero Trophy Unlock all trophies for NBA Live 19

This is it. The big Kahuna. Unlocking The Hero Trophy is the reward for your hours upon hours upon hours of dedicated gaming, for your bleeding fingers, and for your endless pursuit of perfection on NBA Live 19. The Hero Trophy is the culmination of the trophy concept in the game, and is reserved for only the best of the best. If you can achieve this, there is nothing to say other than kudos.