NBA Live 19: Chicago Bulls Player Ratings and Roster

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The Bulls head into 2018/19 with low expectations but with a few talented young players. Could they be a sneaky-fun team to play with on NBA Live 19?

Cameron Payne, PG, 76

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Age:  24


Position: PG

Height: 6’3’’

Playstyle: Slasher

Best stats: 88 Speed, 85 Stamina, 83 Mid-Range Shot

Since entering the league in 2015, Payne has done little to suggest that he is deserving of being more than a second-string point guard. Last season he played just 25 games, and he earned himself more playing time than ever, logging 23.3 minutes per game on the way to 8.8 points and 4.5 assists. Despite these relatively low numbers, he did demonstrate an ability to knock down the long ball in this time, connecting on 38.5% of 3-point attempts.

Justin Holiday, SG, 75

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Age: 29


Position: SG

Height: 6'6"

Playstyle: Wing Shooter

Best stats: 85 Speed, 81 Dribbling, 79 Free Throw

The second half of what is a relatively lackluster backcourt, Justin Holiday put up comfortably the best numbers of his six season career in 2017/18, though this entailed just 12.2 points, 4.0 rebounds and 2.1 assists per night. 

Zach LaVine, SG, 83

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Age: 22


Position: SG

Height: 6’5’’

Playstyle: Slasher

Best stats: 99 Dunk, 97 Vertical, 92 Stamina

Perhaps the most exciting player on the Bulls roster, LaVine is a multi-dimensional offensive player with elite athletic traits. He managed just 24 games last season before rupturing his ACL, and when he returns, he will be looking to improve on the 38.3% he managed from the field before his injury. 

Bobby Portis, PF, 78

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Age: 23


Position: PF

Height: 6’11’’

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 83 Stamina, 83 Post Moves, 80 Inside Shot

Portis had the best season of his three year career yet in 2017/18. Coming off the bench for just 22.5 minutes per game, his 13.2 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.7 assists per night, demonstrate his ability to be highly productive in a short period of time. Though his defense still leaves a little to be desired, Portis, at 23 years of age, has shown he could have a role to play in the league for a number of years to come.

Wendell Carter Jr, C, 81

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Age: 19


Position: C

Height: 6'10"

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 92 Stamina, 84 Inside Shot, 83 Rebounding

Carter Jr was the number seven selection at the 2018 NBA draft. Seen as a relatively safe pick, he projects as a player whose ceiling doesn't match that of the big men selected before him in the draft, but who will at the very least provide a solid defensive player capable of finishing on the inside at the other end of the floor.

NBA Live 19 Chicago Bulls Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyl e Best Stats
Jabari Parker83SF6'8"Wing Scorer92 Stamina, 88 Dunk
Zach LaVine83SG6'5"Slasher99 Dunk, 97 Vertical
Wendell Carter Jr81C6'10"Post Anchor92 Stamina, 84 Inside Shot
Kris Dunn80PG6'4"Backcourt Shooter93 Defensive Awareness, 86 Speed
Lauri Markkanen79PF7'0"Stretch Big84 Free Throw, 83 Stamina
Robin Lopez78C7'0"Rim Protector87 Inside Shot, 86 Stamina
Bobby Portis78PF6'11"Post Anchor83 Stamina, 83 Post Moves
Cameron Payne76PG6'3"Slasher88 Speed, 85 Stamina
Chandler Hutchison76SG6'7"Slasher85 Stamina, 83 Speed
Justin Holiday75SG6'6"Wing Shooter85 Speed, 81 Dribbling
Denzel Valentine75SG6'5"Slasher85 Stamina, 81 Dribbling
Tyler Ulis75PG5'10"Floor General91 Stamina, 91 Speed
Cristiano Felicio72PF6'9"Post Anchor80 Strength, 80 Post Defense
Shaquille Harrison72PG6'4"Backcourt Defender85 Speed, 80 On Ball Defense
Ryan Arcidiacono64PG6'3"Floor General84 Stamina, 75 Passing
Antonio Blakeney64PG6'4"Floor General89 Free Throw, 87 Stamina


Source: NBA Live 19

This is a full list of all the plays you can perform when playing with the Chicago Bulls.

Play Name Play Type
PG Pitch AnglePick and Roll
PG Flip GetPick and Roll
PG 13 AnglePick and Roll
PG DragPick and Roll
PG 14 Low HighPick and Roll
PG 41 Weak AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 High AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 Quick HighPick and Roll
PG 41 Weak UPPick and Roll
PG 41 LiftedPick and Roll
SG Pitch SplitPick and Roll
SG Pitch OrlandoPick and Roll
SG Flip DragPick and Roll
SG Flip AnglePick and Roll
SG 21 SwitchPick and Roll
SG High Pistol AnglePick and Roll
SF Pitch GetPick and Roll
SF 41 Pin AnglePick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse GetPick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse AnglePick and Roll
PF 41 Pitch SpreadPick and Roll
PF 41 Weak HighPick and Roll
PG Horns Empty RipScreen
PG 41 Weak Reverse Back PinScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse PinScreen
SG Horns SmashScreen
SG WiperScreen
SG Flip SonicsScreen
SG 41 Weak Reverse PinScreen
SG Elbow QuickScreen
SG 41 High StaggerScreen
SG 41 Weak StaggerScreen
SG 51 Strong Reverse Back DownScreen
SG/SF 41 High Double DownScreen
SF 41 PinScreen
SF 41 HIgh AwayScreen
PF 41 High DownScreen
C 41 Strong Reverse DownScreen
C 41 DownScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse SlicePostup
SG 41 Duck InPostup
SG 41 Strong Reverse FlexPostup
SF 41 Low Quick PostPostup
PF 41 Strong UpPostup
C Turn 5Postup
C 41 Quick PostPostup
C 41 Weak Quick Wing EntryPostup
C 41 Quick EntryPostup
C 41 Strong Reverse Wing EntryPostup
SG Horns Elbow 2 IsoIsolation
SG Elbow Stagger IsoIsolation