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10 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Wing Shooter Build and Traits

Ever wanted to play like Kevin Durant? With NBA Live 19's new icon system, now you can! The icon system is a part of The One career mode, and enables you to create a player which embodies many of the features of some of the NBA's best. To get your career going, click on the character select block as shown below.

In the ensuing screen, you'll be able to 'play like a guard', 'play like a wing', or 'play like a big' with 11 different total play style options, and for this article we'll focus on Wing Shooter. Wing Shooter’s all start with a 3-point shot and mid-range shot of a 74/95 rating, while shot off the dribble, contested shot and inside shot will all start at 74/88.

They also start with the ‘marathon runner’ trait, which means you'll receive a slight reduction in fatigue and a slight boost to speed when playing off the ball on offense. The second is ‘popstar’, which means that you’ll get a slight boost to your shooting accuracy in catch and shoot situations after you set a screen. There are more traits which this player can unlock as you advance through the game.

Once you’ve chosen your play style, you’ll be asked to choose from three different icons. One of these icons emulates a modern day superstar, another emulates one of the greatest of all time, and the last a star of the WNBA, and the attributes of whichever icon you choose will manifest themselves in your own player. 

After you choose your gender (we’ll use male height and weight for simplicity) and Wing Shooter as your play style, three icon options are presented: The Reaper - who emulates Kevin Durant - The Legend - who emulates Larry Bird - and Triple Threat - who emulates Elena Delle Donne.

Wing Shooter Icon

The Reaper

The Reaper’s specialized icon skill is dribbling, which can reach 85, and he or she can significantly boost the free throw skill, as well as the dunk, layup, rebounding, on-ball defense, speed, vertical, and stamina. When you hit a 3-pointer with this player, you’ll get a boost to your dribbling and finishing skills. The end product of The Reaper icon is a versatile offensive player, able to knock down outside shots while also possessing high quality ball handing skills.

The Legend

The Legend’s specialized icon skill is passing, while boosts can be gained for free throws, layups, dribbling, post moves, rebounding, stamina and strength. Knocking down 3-pointers with this icon grants you boosts to stealing, passing and rebounding. As this player develops, he or she will become an offensive threat in a variety of ways, able to score from the outside and inside, finish at the line, and set up teammates.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat’s specialized icon skill is rebounding, while free throws, layups, passing, blocks, speed, vertical, stamina and strength can also be boosted. Boosts to mid-range shooting and finishing can be earned by either hitting a 3-pointer, blocking a shot, or grabbing a rebound. This player can become a physical beast, able to run, jump, and use his or her body, while also possessing a lethal long range shot and rebounding skills.

These are great icons, but The Legend is one of the best in the game and is the best of this group. Having an ability to score in so many different ways allows you to enjoy more aspects of NBA Live 19 than almost any other icon. You’ll knock down plenty of long range shots, but on top of that you’ll have an ability to score in the post, and will be a pesky defender capable of racking up the steals.

Wing Shooter Build

In order to maximize all of the various talents which come with playing as The Legend, you’ll need to have a fair bit of size, so a 200cm, 96kg player is the way to go here. This will enable you to capitalize on the inside talents of this player, with a strength rating of 80, while a solid speed rating, also capping out at 80, will allow you to get open to utilize these shooting skills. Your vertical cops a bit of a beating and will sit at just 66, but with your size you’ll still be able to accumulate some decent rebounding numbers, and be a defensive pest.

While all the Wing Shooter icons are great to play with, the best icon choice is the Legend, and the best build for your player is 200cm and 96kg. With this player, you’ll be able to score in all sorts of different ways; knock down a 3-pointer on possession, and post-up and show off some pretty moves the next. You won’t be the quickest player on the court but you’ll certainly hold your own, and while defense won’t be your forte, you’ll be more than capable of staying in front of players around your size, and pulling down some tough boards.

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