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01 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Wing Scorer Build and Traits

The Wing Scorer playing style is one of the more enjoyable to play with in NBA Live 19's latest offering of The One. With The One career mode, you'll be given the choice of a number of different player types with which you can construct a superstar, playing in various game modes with the same player. Before you start, you'll need to create your player, which you can do by selecting the 'character select' box on the right-hand side of your home screen.

Once you choose this, you'll be given a list of 11 different playing styles which you can choose for your player. For this article, we've selected Wing Scorer, a player whose dunk and dribbling will both receive a 74/95 rating, while layup, shot off the dribble and mid-range shot will all start at 74/88. This player will also start with two 'traits' specific to him, while more can be unlocked later on in the game. The first of these is ‘catch and finish’, a trait which gives a slight increase to your finishing skills in catch and shoot situations. The second is ‘pick and drive’, which means that you’ll get a slight boost to finishing when using a pick to drive. 

After you select Wing Scorer, you'll need to choose which icon you want for your player. The icons available to select each have their own unique playing style which will build upon the more generalized skill set offered up for Wing Scorer. Each of the two icon options for Wing Scorer are good fun to play with, but which one is the best?

After you choose Wing Scorer as your play style, two icon options are presented: The Assassin - who emulates DeMar DeRozan - and Vinsanity - who emulates Vince Carter.

Wing Scorer Icon

The Assassin

The Assassin’s specialized icon skill is the contested shot, which maxes out at 85, and can receive significant skill boosts to inside shot, free throw, post moves, on-ball defense, contested shot, speed, vertical and stamina. This player also gets a boost to mid-range shooting and post scoring when he or she finishes at the rim. Playing with The Assassin, you can expect a solid sized player capable of hitting tough shots from all around the floor, and with decent defensive skills.


Vinsanity’s specialized icon skill is the 3-point shots, and he or she can also boost the inside shot, free throw, dunk, passing, rebounding, vertical, stamina and strength. Finishing at the rim with this player gives a powerful boost to your 3-point shooting. As you progress through the game, your player will develop into a lights out long range shooter who is also capable of finishing powerfully at the rim and cleaning up the boards.

Vinsanity is the way to go here. As enjoyable as it can be to have the ability to finish tough mid-range shots like you can with The Assassin, it’s an antiquated way of playing on offense. Playing with the Vinsanity icon allows you to become an extremely dangerous 3-point shooter, giving you the ability to put up serious points in a short period of time. This player is also full of athletic gifts, and being able to get up high for some contested boards and some big dunks makes it a well-rounded icon to compete with.

Wing Scorer Build

To make the most of Vinsanity’s offensive talent, build a player standing 200cm tall and weighing in at 90kg. You’ll lose a tiny bit of speed and jumping ability standing at this height, but being relatively lightly framed mean these skills still max out at 81 and 77 respectively, and the extra height will enable you to get your outside shot off that little bit easier. Despite the frame of this player, your strength rating will still come in at a solid 79, you’ll also have the ability to finish through traffic on the inside, and battle for those tough boards.

A Wing Scorer needs to be a versatile, athletic player, and to make this guy, select Vinsanity as your icon and 200cm, 90kg as the build. Like many of these types of players in the NBA, this player is physically gifted, possessing a long, rangy frame, the ability to get off the floor, and good speed. He has the potential to be one of the better 3-point shooters in the league, able to knock down shots from outside almost at will over defenders. With some dunking and rebounding ability to go with it, this is a fun player to forge a career with.

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