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14 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Stretch Big Build and Traits

Want to fit in as a big man in the modern day NBA? Better make sure you have some range. The Stretch Big playing style offered up in the latest incarnation of The One career mode allows you to create the stereotypical new age big man, capable of stretching the floor as much as he is capable of scoring on the inside. To make this player and forge a career with him or her, choose the character select box on the right of the main screen, as shown below.

Once you've done that, choose Stretch Big as your playing style. This player will start with a 74/95 rating for 3-point shot and mid-range skills, while rebounding, post moves and inside shot will all start at 74/88.

On top of these ratings, they'll have the ability to temporarily boost certain skills when you pull something else off. The first of these is ‘popstar', a trait which gives a slight increase to your shooting accuracy in catch and shoot situations after you've set a screen. The second is ‘rebound catalyst', which means that grabbing a rebound will give a slight boost to your mentality. There are plenty of other traits which the Stretch Big can end up with, and you'll access these as you progress through the game.

Choosing Stretch Big isn't the end of your player creation though. Following that, you'll be asked to choose from two icons, each of which embodies a real life Stretch Big. The icon you choose will impact how your player will develop; essentially, you'll grow into an embodiment of these real life players.

After you choose your gender (we’ll use male height and weight for simplicity) and Stretch Big as your play style, two icon options are presented: the Marksman - who emulates Dirk Nowitzki - and Big Kat - who emulates Karl-Anthony Towns.

Best Stretch Big Icon

The Marksman

The Marksman’s specialized icon skill is the shot off the dribble which can max out at 85, and he or she will have the potential to earn boosts for their free throw, layup, passing, dribbling, post defense, stamina and strength. You’ll also earn a powerful boost to your 3-point shot when you grab a board. The end product of this icon will be the quintessential modern big man, stretching the floor as much as he stays down low, and capable of getting his shot going in a big way.

Big Kat

Big Kat’s specialized icon skill is the shot block. His potential skill boosts are free throw, dunk, layup, dribbling, post moves, vertical, stamina and strength. You’ll also receive a boost to both mid-range and 3-point shooting when you get a block or successfully contest a shot. With this player, you’ll be a capable outside shooting big man who is also adept in the post, able to finish his work at the line, and a useful help defender.

Of these two options, I tend to prefer Big Kat for the greater variety of offensive skills. Though he might not have the outside shooting talent of The Marksman, he is still more than capable beyond the arc, and is a better player down low. He will be a crafty post player, a capable mid-range shooter, and more than capable of knocking down long range daggers, giving you an array of options on the offensive end.

Best Stretch Big Build

To get the most out of Big Kat, I created a player standing at 208cm and weighing in at 108kg. These dimensions mean that he is not a particularly gifted athlete, with his speed rating coming in at just 69 at 65, but his strength of 80 will allow him to utilize his post skills to maximum effect. The speed won’t be a major issue on the offensive end, as he will be able to get his shot off over most players and will be on the receiving end of plenty of open shots.

A Stretch Big should be able to score in a number of ways, and for this reason you should choose Big Kat - and make him 208cm tall and 108kg - to get the best out of this type of player. This player won’t be a dominant force on the defensive end of the floor, but at the offensive end he will pose a threat to the opposition in a multitude of ways. He’ll require constant attention on the outside, but when he gets down low he’ll have plenty of post moves to show off as well.

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