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10 Oct 2018

NBA Live 19: Best Post Anchor Build and Traits

Post play might not be in vogue as it once was in the NBA, but it's still a hugely important skill for big men to possess. If you wisely craft your Post Anchor in NBA Live 19's The One career mode, you can build a modern day post player capable of scoring in various ways and be impactful on defense. You'll be able to lead this player through various game modes developing his or her skills; to get started, click the 'character select' box as shown below.

After you customize the appearance of your player, you'll be asked if you want to 'play like a guard', 'play like a wing', or 'play like a big', with various playing styles coming up under each. For this article we selected Post Anchor, a player who starts with 74/95 ratings for post moves and inside shot, and  74/88 for rebounding, dunk and shot block.

As well as these ratings, the Post Anchor starts with a couple of traits, while many more can be unlocked as you advance through the game. The first trait is ‘on a roll’, which gives a slight increase to your shooting accuracy in catch and finish situations after you set a screen. The second is ‘post vision’, which means that you’ll get a slight boost in catch and shoot situations when you pass out of the post.

After you've selected Post Anchor, you'll be given the choice of three different icons. An icon is a concept new to this edition of the NBA Live series. Essentially, it allows you to choose a past or present NBA superstar who you want your player to play like. 

For the Post Anchor, three icon options are presented: the Process - who emulates Joel Embiid - the Dream - who emulates Hakeem Olajuwon - and the Phenom - who emulates Brittney Griner.

Best Post Anchor Icon

The Process

The Process’ specialized icon skill is the mid-range shot, which can max out at 85, and he or she will have the potential to earn boosts for their 3-point shot, free throw, layup, dribbling, post defense, vertical, stamina and strength. Scoring inside with this player will also give a boost to your mid-range and 3-point shooting. The end product of this icon will be an extremely well-rounded offensive player, capable of scoring inside and out, and an elite inside defender.

The Dream

The Dream’s specialized icon skill is the layup. His potential skill boosts are mid-range shot, free throw, passing, steal, post defense, vertical, stamina and strength. You’ll also receive a boost to both mid-range and inside shooting when you get a block or successfully contest a shot. With this player, you’ll become a dangerous two-way player, adeptly defending the paint at one end, and at the other, while you won’t have much outside game, you will be a dangerous post scorer and passer.

The Phenom

The Phenom’s specialized icon skill is on-ball defense. Potential skill boosts are to free throw, layup, steal, post defense, speed, vertical, stamina and strength. You’ll also receive a powerful boost to finishing at the rim when you block a shot or grab a rebound. This player will be an incredible athletic specimen, an imposing force at the defensive end who is capable of defending a wider array of positions than his or her size would suggest, and who is a strong finisher on the inside at the other end.

The Process is my favorite of these icons. While the others can be enjoyable to play with, particularly on defense, the ability to step outside and drain a few shots to go along with the dangerous inside play and strong defense makes it the way to go here.

Best Post Anchor Build

The Process needs to be a force to be reckoned with, so I created a player of 213cm and 110kg. This size enables him to get the most out of his defensive skills and post abilities, able to use his strength rating of 91 to get wherever he wants on the floor. His speed and vertical will come in at just 65 and 71, and his stamina of 79 isn’t ideal, but he’ll be able to use the rest of his talents to be as influential as possible.

To create a dominant post player, select Post Anchor as your playing style, the Process as your icon, and measurements of 213cm and 110kg. This guy will be an intimidating presence, scaring offensive opponents out of the paint, and backing down sizeable opponents with ease under his own basket. At 213cm he’ll be able to get his dangerous mid-range and outside shot off without any trouble, enabling him to capitalize on his wide range of skills.

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