San Antonio Spurs are flirting with danger

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Predicting anything but excellence for the San Antonio Spurs is tantamount to blasphemy in NBA circles. Gregg Popovich has presided over a period of sustained success unlike anything the NBA has ever seen - 20 straight playoff appearances, five championships and some of greatest team basketball in the history of the NBA.

However, as the news broke that Kawhi Leonard will miss the entire preseason with a quadriceps injury, there were mutterings that the Spurs had stood still this offseason. Injuries to key players, questionable offseason maneuver and an aging roster have all contributed to this school of thought.


Coach Pop will probably make us all look foolish as the Spurs reel of yet another effortless 60-win season, but it's hard not to be concerned. Here are four key major worries for the Spurs.