NBA 2K20: The 5 most disrespectful ratings in the game – Jokic, Gordon, Rose & more

No one is perfect all the time. The 2K ratings team missed the mark with these players.

Julian-Sims by Julian Sims

NBA 2K20 is here and already kicking up a storm. With the NBA regular season about to start, teams across the country are lining up to take their shot at the Toronto Raptors.

A busy offseason full of trades and superstars moving around has created a lot of buzz around certain teams and players, and the NBA 2K team usually does a pretty great job when it comes to rating the players and seeing beyond the narratives.

However, that doesn’t mean they are perfect. There are some ratings that have stood out as completely wrong and near-insulting.

What are the 5 worst player ratings this year?

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5. Boban Marjanovic (OVR 75)

Age: 31

Position: C

Team: Dallas Mavericks

The 7’3” center Boban Marjanovic is loved by the NBA and the majority of it’s fan base. He is fun to watch, being both extremely tall and a legitimately good player, but his height tends to tire him out very quickly.

With stamina playing a major role in the sport, most teams refuse to play him for longer than 12 minutes per game, but Marjanovic still puts down 7 PPG and 5 REB – impressive stats that even some guys playing 36 minutes per game fail to record.

75 is far too low of a rating for Marjanovic, and it seems pretty disrespectful when compared to other players in the league with a similar playing style (such as Bam Adebayo, who was given a 79 rating in 2K20). He deserves a 78 at least.

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4. Nikola Jokic (OVR 90)

Age: 24

Position: C/ PF

Team: Dever Nuggets

Nikola Jokic was a 92 OVR in 2K19 and he has only got better during the off-season, so this one makes no sense at all.

Jokic is currently leading one of the best teams in the Western Conference; in the playoffs he didn’t miss a step, improving in EVERY statistical category (besides assists), which doesn’t fare badly considering it was his first trip to the postseason. He led his team in most of the major categories and turned up in every single game.

Jokic can be compared to Joel Embiid, who received a 91 OVR this year. Although Jokic’s defense doesn’t measure up to Embiid’s, his playmaking is by far the superior of the two big men. 

I would argue that both of these players have been rated too harshly, and deserve an overall rating of 92.

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3. Lonzo Ball (OVR 79) 

Age: 21

Position: PG

Team: New Orleans Pelicans

Now, even though 79 OVR isn’t a bad rating, I think Lonzo Ball deserves a rating of at least 80 or above. When Lonzo was with the Lakers (with the likes of LeBron, Kuzma and Ingram), he was still putting down 10 PPG, 6 REB and 6 AST as a 4th option. These are ridiculously good numbers.

This means that if Lonzo got any more of the ball and played with more intent, he would have averaged a triple-double on a consistent basis.

Lonzo may be a bad shooter, but he is an elite defender. Actually he is one of the best in the league, and boasts one of the most impressive ‘lowest FG scored on’ percentages. He deserves every part of an 81 rating.

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2. Eric Gordon (OVR 78)

Age: 30

Position: SG

Team: Houston Rockets

Eric “Buckets’ Gordon only has one job – and that’s to get buckets. Gordon is well known for his ability to get his team points, earning ‘6th man of the year’ in 2017 and an 83 overall rating at one point in last year.

Gordon only got 2 REB and 2 AST a game last season, but that’s not his game. He averaged 16 PPG as he has done throughout his whole career, making him one of the most consistent players in the league.

Gordon was also the Rockets’ 2nd best scorer in the playoffs – not CP3, not Clint Capela, but Eric Gordon. Yes he may be a bit of a one-trick pony, but to rate him lower than Lonzo Ball is a statement. Gordon also deserves an 81 rating.

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1. Derrick Rose (OVR 80)

Age: 31

Position: PG

Team: Detroit Pistons

In my eyes the most disrespected player in 2K20 is Derrick Rose, who has been awarded an overall rating of 80.

This guy came off the bench to score 50 points in a game last season. Statistically he just had the best season of his career (even better than his MVP season), even if he has lost some of his athleticism along the way.

If you compare this to 85 rated Jayson Tatum (who did worse in EVERY single statistical category compared to D Rose bar rebounding), you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

Tatum is younger, has a higher potential and a stronger defensive game, but Rose deserves better. I give him an 85 overall rating.

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Honourable Mention

An honourable mention to the current MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, who’s 96 overall rating seems more or less fair, until you realize that Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James are both rated 97.

Now, I understand the case for giving LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard these ratings; LeBron is… well, LeBron. And Kawhi is a NBA champion – but Giannis does some things better than them. 

Using Giannis in the game, all you have top do is drive and dunk and its pretty much a rap every time. And when it comes to talent, hard-work and winning games, I put Giannis right up there with LeBron and Kawhi.

Giannis deserved the 97 rating this year, even though the 2K team were not so convinced.

Julian Sims

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