NBA 2K23 VC Prices, Best Deals & Bundles, How to Purchase Virtual Currency

We all know that NBA 2K23 VC is a vital part of being competitive in the game but how much should you buy?

More importantly, how far will the Virtual Currency in the game carry you? Can you complete an entire MyCAREER Build? Buy the best packs in MyTEAM?

Let's take a look at how badly your wallet will be affected this year.

NBA 2K23 VC Prices

Considering we're only about a month in, we're not shocked to see that VC sales are consistently going up to start the year.

Players are doing what they can to find ways to level up their MyCAREER Builds and MyTEAM but the question is, what are the current NBA 2K23 VC prices?

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NBA 2K23 VC: Check out the prices for VC in NBA 2K23 to start the year.

The prices that you see above are likely to change over the course of the year with more bundles and additional NBA 2K23 VC discounts in the future.

However, these are the current prices at the moment:

  • 5,000 VC - $1.99
  • 15,000 VC - $4.99 (Pay for 12.5K VC get 2.5K VC for FREE)
  • 35,000 VC - $9.99 (Pay for 25K VC get 10K for FREE)
  • 75,000 VC - $19.99 (Pay for 50K VC get 25K for FREE)
  • 200,000 VC - $49.99 (Pay for 125K VC get 75K for FREE)
  • 450,000 VC - $99.99 (Pay for 250K VC get 200K for FREE)

The prices for NBA 2K23 VC aren't necessarily steep, the problem is how much you need to be competitive in the game this year.

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Shortly after the launch of the game, MyCAREER players noticed that there was a pretty steep jump in the cost to max out a build by spending NBA 2K23 VC.

In fact, studies showed that the price nearly doubled, starting at 250K in MyCAREER for NBA 2K22 but it jumped to 460K VC in NBA 2K23.

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TOUGH SLEDDING: The payscale in NBA 2K23 has a lot of players shying away.

We're afraid to say that MyTEAM is pretty much the same as it's harder to grind for packs and the Locker Codes have been scarce to start Season 1.

It would seem the focus is more on getting players to use their NBA 2K23 VC, especially since we're at the start of the life of the game.

How to purchase NBA 2K23 VC

They made it pretty easy to purchase NBA 2K23 VC this year and have even partnered with American Express for a few bundles.

One of the easiest ways is going directly through the game, which is what we'd recommend, whether through the MyTEAM or MyCAREER hub.

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VC DEALS: Keep an eye out for more Virtual Currency bundles.

We don't think the American Express deal is still going on but we expect there to be more NBA 2K23 VC bundles like this in the future.

Also, keep an eye on the NBA 2K23 Twitter account for any VC giveaways that you can enter for the chance to win free VC.

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