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NBA 2K23: How to win The Classic at Hammond Park in MyCAREER

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER is packed with challenges, but The Classic at Hammond Park looms large as you work your way through quests.

We've got all the info you need on how to get to The Classic and how to take the win in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER over your rival Shep.

NBA 2K23: How to win The Classic at Hammond Park in MyCAREER

Once you've made it past the earliest quests in MyCAREER like "Welcome to the League," you'll start receiving the game's actual core quests.

The Classic is one you'll be working on closer to the end of your MyCAREER journey, but your work on it starts early.

If you're hoping to finish up College Flashbacks and snag all five College Leadership Skills, you'll need to win The Classic at Hammond Park.

NBA 2K23 Win The Classic at Hammond Park
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THE CLASSIC: You've got a long path before you get to Hammond Park

With plenty riding on this game, these are the MyCAREER rewards you can earn:

  • +60,000 MVP Points
  • 2,500 VC
  • +500,000 Fans
  • Championship Green Jersey
  • Championship Belt

While you may not need the MVP Points here to finish the MVP of the City quest, you'll need to win The Classic at Hammond Park for that as well.

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In order to even get the ball rolling with The Classic, you'll first have to win each of the three districts in The City.

You'll have to play in several games throughout this path in MyCAREER, but keep in mind that you're allowed to change difficulty.

If you're struggling to get through a game, don't be afraid to bump the difficulty down even to Rookie, as you'll get the same rewards either way.

Win the Business, Music and Fashion districts

When you first see The Classic pop up, you'll likely notice that you need to win the Business District, Music District, and Fashion District to even advance the quest.

Doing this will be a lengthy process involving several other quests, and one of your first will be Not Your Father's Hot Dogs, which is why you may have seen everyone in NBA 2K23 wearing the Hotdog Hat.

This is your first step in winning the Business District, but you'll work through a handful of quests including Uncle Bobby's World before reaching your way to Going National.

NBA 2K23 Win The Classic at Hammond Park
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GOING NATIONAL: Score yourself Endorsements and commercials

In order to win the Business District, you'll need to finish Going National and score several Endorsements, and we've got a full guide here on how to do that.

Most of your decisions throughout won't really affect the outcome of The Classic quest, but your choice between Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady will.

When tasked with choosing one for a game, keep in mind that whoever you choose will be someone you play with long-term including in The Classic itself.

Next up we have the Fashion District, and for that you'll need to work on the extensive quest Courting Calloway which we have a full guide on here.

Finally, the Music District goes through It's a Cole World, a challenging path with multiple answers needed along the way, and we've got a full guide on that J. Cole quest here.

Each of these can take several hours, so you're in for the long haul, but all of them are needed in order to get yourself into The Classic at Hammond Park.

Win over fans and hoopers at Moss Point, Robert Miles Park and Dreamer Court

The second half of your path to The Classic will pop up as you progress through each of the quests while pursuing the three districts.

Moss Point is linked to Courting Calloway, and you'll interact with and challenge Tyler Herro throughout that quest.

After you've made it to that point, a new side quest will appear to win five games at Moss Point teaming with Tyler Herro.

It's these individual games that help you "win over fans and hoopers," and you'll have counterparts for each district.

After playing with J. Cole in It's a Cole World, you'll get a new quest to win five games with him on your side at Dreamer Court.

As for Robert Miles Park, the path here depends on whether you chose Kevin Garnett or Tracy McGrady while trying to win the Business District.

Whoever you chose will be waiting for you at Robert Miles Park (also home to Dr. Disrespect) with the new task of winning five games on that court at their side.

That's 15 games in total you'll need to win, and each of these follow the standard first team to 21 format.

After you've finished all of these games, you'll finally have the option to head to Hammond Park and kickoff The Classic.

Get Edgar and Herschel's stamp of approval (Basketball Trivia Answers)

Once you've finished those key objectives, your next task will be "head to Hammond Park to get Edgar and Herschel's stamp of approval."

If you've been tackling Music and Fashion Trivia each day, this is the moment where you'll introduce Basketball Trivia into the mix as well.

Once you arrive at Hammond Park for this objective, you'll enter into a series of cutscenes which surprise you with three trivia questions.

Here are the Basketball Trivia answers you need for Edgar and Herschel:

  • How many championships did Bill Russell win?
    • 11
  • So tell me, which team has lost the most NBA Championships?
    • Lakers
  • Which player was taken number one overall in the 1998 NBA Draft?
    • Michael Olowokandi

Once you've wrapped up these cutscenes, you'll be prompted to play a few NBA games before everything is ready to proceed.

The Classic is about to start. Go to Hammond Park.

This is what everything has been building up to. The final showdown against Shep in The Classic at Hammond Park.

Of course, to actually get to Shep you'll have to defeat two other teams in 4v4 games at Hammond Park.

The quest itself is pretty straightforward from this point, and once again you can lower the game difficulty if you're struggling in any of these.

Your team for these will be MP, J. Cole, Tyler Herro, and then either Tracy McGrady or Kevin Garnett depending on who you chose while pursuing the Business District.

NBA 2K23 Win The Classic at Hammond Park
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JUST WIN: You don't need a perfect game to win The Classic

There is no penalty for losses, you'll simply have to try again, so don't be afraid to quit out of a game that goes south early and start over with a fresh slate.

When you've made it through all the earlier challenges, your final objective will be to "tell Kenny you're ready for the final."

Hit the court and prove to The City that you're their guy and not Shep by winning The Classic at Hammond Park.

After your win, one final task will tell you to "head back to the office to debrief with your team" for one final cutscene before receiving all your rewards.

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